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Sprinkle! Sprinkle! Sex Spices!

Don’t hesitate to sprinkle and make it tasty,and moreover they will improve your “sexnergy”, so learn and cook. Bon apetit

Cayenne pepper
Contains a high amount of vitamin C. It is an exciting agent that stimulates the circulation. Little red and green Mexican chilies have the same properties.

Contains vitamins A, C, B, P, minerals and trace elements. It is excellent for the muscles and liquefies the blood; it also reduces the cholesterol levels and helps arteries fight aging. 

One of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. It is also effective against mental and physical fatigue as well as memory loss.  

Its dried seed has an euphoric effect, especially for women. It’s used to soak it in wine, however is recommended do not make abusive use of the substance in order to avoid opposite effects.

It has been used in drinks destined to excite the senses. Taken in reasonable doses, it causes healthy hot flushes. In excessive doses, it irritates the intestines.

Its pulp has aphrodisiac properties.

Its deliciously scented flowers are cultivated all around the world, but the Spanish jasmine is the one of the mainly used to perfume liqueurs. Be careful, because jasmine seeds are poisonous. 

Stimulates the action of sexual glands. There are three kinds of mustard: black, white and yellow, from India.

Is a brown substance extracted from a gland under the abdomen skin of small deer that live in South-Eastern Asia. In spite of its unappetizing origin, it is a panacea and it was used to treat epilepsy, whooping cough, typhoid fever, and pneumonia. It is know for its highly aphrodisiac virtues. It is pounded to a powder, like amber, and lightly sprinkled over food. Be careful because an excess causes dizziness.

It has the reputation of being the man’s best friend. It’s comes from Banda Island, Indonesia.

In infusion, it is a remarkable exciting agent.

Has stimulating properties on the erogenous zones. Studies have proven that it has similar effects like hormones. Nevertheless, pay attention and watch your consumption: excessive doses of saffron may cause uncontrollable laughter.

Nerve tonic with aphrodisiac effects. Moreover, it is a powerful cleanser for the body.

It has an aphorizing effect and can be used at will. It combats sexual asthenia, acts upon the central nervous system and, through its odor, indirectly acts upon sexual stimulation. 


 is popular in India and in Arabic cultures, and used to be employed by the Chinese court to give users a fragrant breath


Spice it up!™

Sexy goes far beyond the bedroom, in my country & in Africa, it starts with the food, whether you like it or not, as it may sound old fashioned & cliché. A large majority of men –Even Scandinavian ones- will find you hot & feminine when you trade your attaché case your with an apron. It is a fact that the contemporary fast life & multiple obligations you are entitled to as a “modern woman” don’t allow you that “free cooking” time. But please, don’t give up, organize your cooking time as you would organize your filing cabinet, & make the space. What I recommend is to establish a weekly routine of making a special dish for your man by yourself. And when I say “special” , I don’t mean complicated. In that case special= exotic & appealing.
Don’t be afraid to excite his taste buds with new spices, by inventing new flavors through creative combinations. A simple or traditional dish can be a whole different experience introducing another cooking oil (olive, sesame) or introduce a fresh grated ginger root etc. .
Explore the infinity & variety of various cuisine & revisit classic dishes such as a steak or barbecue chicken using different seasonings. Don’t hesitate to go to Indian, Chinese , arabic or African shops to buy new spices . Indian food stores have lovely premixed spices (garam masala) , chutneys , curries that are easy to use and will bring a different flavor to your simplest dish.
Chinese seasonings such as nuoc mam or soy sauce can add up a flavor to any soup or salad dressing. Buy premade chili paste & put it on the side , to heat it up.
Soul foud or Jamaican food offer a great range of sexy & spicy experiences. So do not hesitate & browse the internet for the yummy recipes of cajun seasonings or Jamaican oxtail . African food stores will provide you with « jumbo » or « maggi » cube , that you can easily grind with black pepper, onion, & garlic , French mustard, a little bit of oil & season your meat or chicken. Look for the easy & tasty recipe of Senegalese yassa. It’s a pure delight: chicken seasoned with mustard & lemon, cooked in a onion stew. Cook your rice with coconut milk or color it with saffron, or make it smoked turkey djollof rice – all you need is a small piece of smoked turkey, a bit of onions & tomato paste. You fry everything with a bit of maggi , for few minutes , then add to water to cook your rice .
Do not make dessert complicated, nicely cut exotic fruits , cut them nicely, sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon & serve them to your man. Buy readymade « Bissap » or « Ginger » juice or make it yourself. Hot Drinks: Ginger, or mint green tea (traditional Senegalese Ataya). Possibilities are endless, only you know what he likes the most to eat & can cook it differently to go for a culinary journey. The way you present your food is as important as the way your dish tastes , so choose a nice tablecloth ( a well ironed nice piece of cheap white , colored brocade or cotton),dispose a few unscented color candles , nice plates ( plain white makes a nice table), Don’t ever put a plastic bottle on your table, it’s a sin! Make your own fruit cocktails & mix them with his favorite drink. In short be adventurous in your kitchen & on your table. Serve him yourself, cherish him, and anticipate his smallest needs. Don’t hesitate to feed him even if it’s just a spoonful. This is all about caring & loving your man
as a woman, nothing to do with being stupid or fool. You are a woman so act like one. Don’t hesitate to buy books, visit food stores, or browse the internet but this year surprise him, take your time & Spice it up Naboulovers!!! He will look at you differently & will find you even more sexy than if you were walking with a sexy bethio , & binbin. Watch this space, I will put few recipes during the year to help you enhance your table.
Xoxo. Naboulove©.