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Naboulove Power series : 1-Shine with the power of Love.

« When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace » Jimi Hendrix

At the center of life is love the most powerful  tool we have at our disposal. The love cycle is unending fulfilling & rewarding.

Love cycle is  unending as it  knows no limit as long as we let it grow & flow within, it expands inside out  & turns into a positive brightening energy that will definitely be fulfilling for any being. Also, if you do what you love & learn to love what you do , you can only be fulfilled, the opposite of being frustrated. The following also  applies : “if you accept & love yourself enough then you can only feel good about who you are”. As a fulfilled person you can only give the best to others. Giving is rewarding, especially when it is done genuinely without expectations & somehow by planting the seeds of love, it will grow & come back from the universe as a flow of unending love.

Don’t you just feel wonderful when you focus on loving yourself then work on sharing only love with those around you?

So how do you turn a destructive feeling into love? Hard & challenging task indeed. I read a beautiful book of Leo Buscaglia who was sharing his love teachings with his students.

And I realized that society rules pushes us into a scheme: lwe are asked is to excel in life in what we do. We are happy as kids to come back with endless awards & as adults we collect degrees & medals, and we race up the ladder of success in order to be at the top. Finding a life partner & building a family in fear of continuity is our main goal in life.  Where is love? We hate school, the majority dislike their job & in the current social environment family is a failure. Am I an utopist thinking that « Peace & Love » is the only way forward? I am a realistic person , an average human person whose life was centered around success… It is just that looking closer at people who live a life centered around the Power of Love, I notice that they live a successful life.

My own recipe of the « power of love »

I have been quite an above average student, proud of my degrees & professional achievements but obviously I wasn’t really me until I listened to that inner voice who had so much to share. I was somewhat hiding who I was & what I loved just because I thought I was undressing myself before the world letting people read through my feelings, discover my vulnerability, explore my scars with me, and maybe see me as a weak person. I wasn’t brave enough to share my expression of love & life. I kept on writing my pains, joys & sorrows just for myself. And I knew that putting one word after the other was making me alive much more than my degrees, my ability to converse fluently in several language or even my corporate position. I gave enough credit to myself, decided to love my words & a friend of mine gave me a book I cherish more than anything. A classic book on writing in english. So like some find their expression of love in dancing, singing, accounting, or even physics or mathematics, I just found out that endorsing what I loved doing fearlessly was the purest expression of self love & love. I could hug the world with words, be at peace with myself & just shine from within letting go of pains & anger with just a pen & a paper.  I learnt forgiveness with writing, I realized the essence of love was much more than just 2 people holding hands together but one heart trying to heal permanently from the worlds’ constant emotional challenges. Let go of fear, let go off hurt, let go off anger , find a way to crystallize them into something you love doing that will let them out & turn them into love & maybe touch a soul with it. Reading, trying to grow more love in me has been a transforming experience & a certitude that everything I was looking for, that extraordinary love we are chasing all our life is a powerful force that we need to dig from within. Once we are in that process, we will face our hidden fears, re-open scars that haven’t totally healed & deal with our pains. I never said it was easy, it can even be frustrating because like everything else it requires patience, strength & work. But in the end ( even though it is a never ending process), you will find that little light inside of you, that powerful feeling  you filled with love & definitely shining around you. You will find the strength to love no matter what or at least you will make the effort to search that inner force. You will only love & appreciate the  beauty &  talent in others naturally. you will run away from hateful negative beings. And you will open your heart to people regardless of their age, origins, background , etc.. And you will learn to enjoy the richness behind each relationship. Some will find you self centered arrogant & narcissistic , which might even be the case but in the end what matters is your courage & ability to be just you.


« Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a

listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all

of which have the potential to turn a life around.”― Leo F. Buscaglia

Be empowered because you are powerful


Are U True To Yourself?

How many of us sink in moderately satisfiying relationships without having the courage to change anything. We just flow through the waves hoping thiNgs will get better or change expecting a miracle or a magical action. How many of us keep lying to ourselves pretending we are happy with our current situation when in reality we are barely even content of it. And time passes by as we go deeper & deeper increasing our unhappiness but still playing the ostrich game consisting in refusing to face the harsh reality & sourness of our lives. It seems like the more we learn about the unlimited power of our spirit or the strenght of action in a life changing process , the less we apply the basic principles we inundate our brains with. We enjoy quotes, personal development books, attend endless seminars with coaches, fill our drawers with books on how to become the person we want to be. Nevertheless we read, quote, share, apply to some areas of our lives but we fail to use the teachings in our own lives & get the relationship we deserve.
Why do we lie to ourselves?
Just because we want to stay in our comfort zone , keeping things as they are in order to avoid pain, loneliness & real change. But think again, is that relationship worth your personal integrity, is it worth your self satisfaction & self respect? Don’t you deserve better than being just there…? Are you staying for the good reasons – for if you are unhappy then the reasons are wrong-? Wake up then and go grab that happiness u deserve & leave the space for a person who will treat you right. Remember that single is different from lonely so don’t jail yourself in an unhappy relationship just for the sake of being with someone…
Be empowered . Take the next step to your happiness.
Copyright Naboulove

The Bite Of Envy

Ooh yesss you hate her for driving that Range Rover, you dislike her for carrying so carelessly her Hermes bag and wearing with so much elegance that diamond watch and the Chopard Jewelry set you always dreamt of. With your insane feminine curiosity, you are just wondering: Is she an escort sleeping with half of the government, did she inherit or is she just a hard working lucky bitch? you don’t want to really know what the truth is, isn’t it?  Curiously, the only thing you want to  acknowledge is how her presence makes you feel invaluable, transparent, non existing, anyway, to make a long story short, you are simply  envious!  And honestly  you got it all wrong gal! this is not the way to go. Envy is hateful, painful , self destructive and useless. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you see u are hating for free because the sister has no time for negative vibes around her?
It is time for you to slap yourself in the face and admit that you are totally wrong? Discharge yourself from all that emotional poison and mind your own business. As a matter of fact if you have felt that way for even a second in presence of a glittery rich hot looking babe then you have serious personal issues to deal with;  Yes madam envious bitch, it is not about her or others but only about  you. Why do you project your insecurities or others? It is you I am talking to. You who always look and want  what   others possess but you never appreciate what you are blessed with. Yes Lady, You who always wishes for what others have but never realize how much you have.

You keep on complaining about everything not realizing that the only satisfied souls are those who are 6 feet under. Stop the self-hate and your self destruction process coz all you are badmouthing about are your own lacks and shortcomings. Ooh you didn’t realize it! If you minded your own business, you would be aware of it. It is so easy to close your eyes to your failures and dissect others’. Just for the sake of envy. Hell no! It is time for you to take control of your destiny by minding your own business. You won’t know their lives until you walk in their shoes. You won’t have what they have until you do what they did to have it so relax and live your own life.