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To the hearts I have broken : please forgive me. 

​I spent so much time in pain dwelling  about heartbreaks & darkness in my soul. I cried out torn by an Insane love story in which I was the victim & the other was the eternal heartbreaker. Wait a minute!  Rewind…  How many hearts have I broken myself?  In the selfishness of my egotistical relationships drama do I ever think about those who may be the victims?  And you do you ever put yourself in the shoes of those you may have hurt.  Do you think about that guy who loved you that you tried loving and left just because you never fell in love with him? You remember his name?  Have you ever felt any compassion for his pain?  I didn’t. I just moved on carelessly & felt like I was right because I didn’t love him.  

What about that amazing guy who made a small mistake but you just couldn’t forgive him in the name of your misled & misplaced pride.  

You are not the only one worthy of forgiveness. 

So this it the other way round. They may call it Karma. I just call it life path.  That path is not easy to walk and we must not only be self centered & self conscious but we must also care about those who love us.  How many friends have we hurt knowingly or unknowingly?  Did we even try to understand the why & how? 

I tried to dig inside my selfish self & managed to remember the hearts I may have broken , torn or bruised:   Family members, friends or lovers?  It is not a very agreeable exercise but I realized it helps.  Hurting hurts & feeling uneasy about what we did confirms it wasn’t right. What doesn’t feel good and right is generally bad & wrong.  We are not just the result of our pains. We are also the product of our guilt trips.  To all the hearts I may have broken consciously or unconsciously FOrgive me as I am working towards self forgiveness. It is not about stating excuses or giving explanations but just about consciously acknowledging that I am not nicer than those who have hurt me.  I am also responsible for some pains & some people think about me as the person who killed their hopes at a given time in life.  I had to unlove them then for some reasons that seemed valid to me at that time.  Exactly the same way, those who hurt me had to do so to find their own peace of mind when it happened.  I replaced blame shifting ,  guilt tripping & remorses with responsibility. And here I am before the world finding peace in awareness & taking responsibility for hearts broken on my life path.  

Peace Love & Light.  It is never the end as long as you breathe. 

Be Empowered because you are powerful. 


Bitchiness and gossip has no place in my circle… by Aminata Kamara



Bitchiness and gossip has no place in my circle….

 I am struggling to understand why anyone would want to make another feel bad or put another person down. I really don’t have time for idle gossip or any form of bitchiness. To me its negative energy, anything negative, I run a mile from. This trait in women (not all women I might add) is deeply unattractive and very unsettling. I just wish there was a way of restoring calm and order: a way to disincline women from being so bitchy. Much of this bitchiness is not voiced in the open – it is behind closed doors and whispered ever so quietly.

Some of it is conducted in a somewhat more vigorous and hateful manner. Instead of coming together and forming lasting friendships, some women are two-faced to one another; inevitably this creates vast differences in the future. What good does bitchiness provide? Surely it merely increases tensions between people? Men are by no means virtuous by comparison – certainly not – but, from my knowledge, they tend to discuss their differences out loud or to solve them in a rather more physical manner. In essence: there is very little facade in the steps taken by men to resolve their differences.

I care for women very much. Let’s live and let live. Let us recognise and appreciate each other’s differences, let us celebrate our uniqueness, lets us share our joys and miseries together. You don’t have to like every woman, but you can show some pride and respect by not gossiping about them. If you don’t like the way they behave, if you can’t tell them to their face, don’t do it behind their backs. I believe in karma, ‘what goes around comes around’. I have a policy I follow, if I can’t say something to your face, I won’t say it behind your back.

Next time you think of gossiping or talking about another behind their back, remember “Who gossips with you will gossip of you” Irish proverb.

I’d love to hear what people have to say on this topic. Hopefully we will be able to cultivate some sort of mature debate on the issue.