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What the hell is going on in America? Didn’t they know a man was breathing & alive under the Tiger’s skin .A man, simply human, with his flaws & weaknesses. The hero because of whom I bought golf shoes back in 1997 is made of flesh & blood, with animal instinct. Let’s also remember he is tremendously rich & good looking which makes him a target for cheap & easy women. Ya all know what I mean by cheap. Women with a price tag , ready to be used as long as you pay the price.
SO WHAT’S THE FUSS REALLY? What if America had discovered he had a regular hidden mistress who had children from him? What would be the reactions? Would he still be qualified as a sex addict, or struck by chronically infidelities, a pervert, a fake, etc…
Hey America he is just a man. I admit that his modus operandi is quite shocking: one night stands or quick intense sex with Bimbo’s type women, who according to me really look alike, I can’t distinguish one from the other. One thing I noted is that they are the physical opposite of his very classy elegant blonde wife who looks so much like a GOOD GIRL. He chose them quite trashy, using them just for sex.
So, My question to puritans & hypocrites in American: What is the percentage of faithful married men in your country regardless of race, color , background or social status? Please bring out the figures & then we will criticize Tiger. What I am saying here is nobody’s perfect , the man should have protected his family , & avoid being caught, coz in my belief men that are not cheating in the statistics are those that do it the smart way & don’t get caught. As an African woman , I am not that shocked by the whole story, coz I belong to a society where men have several wives & this is regardless of their religion so don’t serve me the Muslim thingy. It is an African way of life & even an American one –you remember the Mormons in UTAH- Ok thanks for not pointing only at Africans. I don’t excuse TIGER, he could have been more careful & respectful towards his wife but I don’t see the relationship between his private life & his sponsors. HELLO!!!! Are the CEOs of those big sponsors are perfect males. So TIGER if you were in Dakar, Lagos , Libreville or Kinshasa , no one would have cared about those talkative bimbos looking for their 15minutes of fame, even if it means destroying your Home. Please Keep it in your pant for a while, if you can or move to Motherland.
I really enjoyed reading Reuben Abati making a very interesting analysis from an African Male point of view. Anyway Tiger you committed yourself to a Scandinavian woman in America so you have to behave yourself & think about the beautiful children you have there. I would have defended you if you were trying to get a second wife or as Al Sharpton said you were keeping the money in the community , but all I got to say now my dear TIGER is BEHAVE coz next time around they will just Lynch you for real.
P.S.: I don’t advocate cheating, but I am realistic , just don’t let me find out you are cheating on me. Keep the dream alive.

You don’t have the right to hate, stop homophobia in Africa!!!


     My human rights day digression

 Doing a bit of research on the situation of homosexuality in Africa , I came across some shocking data: it’s illegal in many countries to have a relationships  with someone from the same sex. Yes it is considered as a crime & severely punished in several african countries . I couldn’t believe it, especially when rapists are hardly punished in many of these same countries. People view that intolerance towards the LGBTI community as a way of respecting their religious beliefs whether Muslims or Christians. Who are you to judge your fellow human brother or sister because of his/her sexual orientation? Why do the same people who willfully practice adultery or fornication – sex out of wedlock- are eager to point a finger towards those whose only crime is to love differently. I have read several interesting articles on homosexuality in Africa,  & it will enlighten you a lot on that issue.

 The extreme reactions of President Yaya Jammeh of Gambia who threatened to behead gays in the Gambia as well as sack any homosexual serving in the army really shocked me. Wasn’t that a way of feeding some violent behavior towards these communities? From my understanding the Presidents’ primary motivation was to condone the sex tourism raging in the country which involves pedophiles which are different from homosexuals. But he went too far with his death threats. And I do condone the fact that beaches of Zanzibar , Mombasa or Banjul are favored by westerners for sexual tourism. But where are the laws banning such behaviors?  I haven’t heard any African Head of State stand firmly against that kind of abuses.The reaction of the Tanzanian doctor who  clearly stated that Aids was the result of an “un African lifestysle” blaming clearly homosexuals for the spreading of it & the recent developpement in Uganda have reactivated the debate on the radicalization towards homosexual community on our continent . Even to be homofriendly could be considered as a crime in Uganda.By the way , in recent studies it has been proved that heterosexual married are the most infected these last years in Africa  & guess who is bringing Aids home? Mr Homophobic for sure. Given all the issues we are facing in Africa, such as access to decent medical treatment, water & electricity as well as education, I don’t really see the relevance of legislating against basic human freedom of Loving who you want.

 I do respect your right to disagree or dislike the lifestyle of people who love differently from you but I don’t think it is being a good Muslim or a good Christian to openly support hateful behavior. How does that affect your life? You are just consumed with the fear of difference the same way KKK feared black people & the Nazi started exterminating all those who didn’t fit in their genetics development plans. Remember? Concentration camps were also holiday camps for black people & homosexuals . Just in case you forgot. I am a Muslim but i don’t take the right to judge my fellow people in God’s name. I can hear you thinking aloud  » Abomination » & honestly do you have the spiritual license to qualify what is a sin & what isn’t sinful? Human rights day you said. How many African human right activists are homophobic? You fight for the dignity of all human beings , even those who chose to love people from the same sex. Isn’t it? My cousin L. reacted saying «children should be spared by such people ». To be a homosexual is rarely conscious choice. Believe me! it’s not a disease nor a sickness. You just love differently. But the love is just the same. I just hate the sentence  » it’s not normal ». Is it the norm for a man to have kids & not take care of them? Is it normal for a woman to have a child from another man while married? Is it normal for an 8 year old to work instead of going to school? Does anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone should be labeled abnormal? You tell me! Our fight should be against all discriminations & not just the classic & easy Black against white. We Africans can be so hypocrites. None of those who stand against homosexuality stand against rapes. How many African lesbians have been raped to be given a lesson a contracted STD’s? Is that a normal reaction? We claim with no prior anthropological knowledge that Homosexuality is anti- African. Please, do your research before becoming a hate preacher. And bear in mind that I am not forcing you to accept anything, but at least don’t stigmatize or hate others just because they live differently from you. Would you stop loving your brother or sister or even your child if they made that choice of life? My conclusion is borrowed to my friend Raymond who simply said  » Live & let live ». So mind your own business, let’s concentrate on electricity & water shorter among other problems & give a break to people in love regardless of their sex.

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