Afro Positive

I have thought about it over and over and now its about time to do it , I was born somewhere in West Africa, grew up in Europe, went to summer camps in the States as a teen ager and live now somewhere in Central Africa.

Most of the time the only thing people associate my continent with is hunger, diseases, wars and so forth…Enough is enough! Of course all these are real but we are also real, African workers living a decent life with no connections to whatever corrupted government..African girls with a taste for Jimmy Choo Shoes and Chanel bags, that we pay with our hardly earned salaries…

Here we are chasing the latest Prada bag or dreaming of the Kelly Hermes bag, despising copies even though everybody in the city where i live carries the fake thing and thinks mine is one… Death or Quality, thats all we have ,to forget the holes in the street on the way to our homes, Electricity shortages for over 24hours…I was lucky enough to be born on the the right side and i thank God everyday Alhamdoulillahi Rabbil Al Amin! Yes that is who i am a 38 years old single black muslim African…Always hoping that tomorrow here will be better in spite of what had just happened in Kenya, Chad or in the East of DRC..

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