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Friday, November 7, 2008 at 10:52pm
It has been one of the most exciting night of my life, i remembered that day of 1989 when Berlin wall was destroyed and i was crying but i was witnessing european history! But this 4th of November 2008 around 3 pm kinshasa time, we were witnessing our own history, a man of talent,eloquent and intelligent has been elected 44th President of the USA. And that man happened to be an african american.Yes he has been chosen for his competencies without any regard for his colour! All the skeptics got a shock and the world felt the rise of a new order,a »new deal », I just remembered Goree Island Slave house and ElMINA fort & Castle, i saw Kounta Kinte chained and taken by force to America,i thought about all my west indian brothers, the Afro latinos and all our ancestors forced out of Africa to work as slaves…and I cried,cried,cried ,tears of joy,tears of hope, tears of faith, tears of relief! I thought about Diallo shot for the colour of his skin, i thought about all the sacrificed generations kept in ignorance.denied access to education bcoz they had the wrong skin colour…and once again tears were rolling down my cheeks, tears with the sweet taste of Victory, victory over racism.And to my friends Maha who is Arab-American, Olivia who is taiwanese- american, Christophe who is burundese-american,my sons who are also us citizens i am just saying that our dream became reality! And that from 2day some barriers fell in American showing a great example to the world.Yes we can.