We thank God , we survived wars, shootings, accidents, floods, Mayan predictions, our neighbours’ loud music, etc. It may sound funny but it is not for each minute of life we have is a blessing. We may be hurt, scorned, depressed, lonely, or none of the above, whatever counts is being ALIVE. So let’s make the most of this coming year by being OURSELVES as much as we can, move on & up as far as we allow ourselves to go & don’t withhold on who you are no matter what. Fact is we are not perfect but we have the possibility of perfecting our ways, let’s not forget in touch with our endless inner possibilities before seeking for approval outside. If you are a Man reader be A MAn , stand up for women’s safety & well being. Yes we do appreciate a Man’s embrace or protection & love. For my sisters, be the best, do your best as long as you are blessed with air. Breath in breath out. Touch your heart. Be thankful by doing your best & fulfilling your dreams.
Happy New YOU!
« Be empowered because you are powerful »

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