Can you handle the truth?

Can you handle the truth?

Every time I read here & there the idealization of truth as a token of love, I have a mitigated smile…let me explain: Your man or your woman comes home & sits then tells you: « Darling I have something to tell you ». Your heart is racing faster Usain Bolt, you are trying to look casual but in fact you are stressed, fearful as if a death sentence is about to befall on your head.

Then your life partner in a guilty sounding voice starts a long intricate unclear story in which all you understand is the : « it only happened once… » … Pain, doubts, hate, humiliation & even worse wrath because they had guts enough to throw the ugliness of their act to your face.

The then romantic promise  » we will never lie to each others » turns into a poisonous nightmare…

You don’t know what to do but one thing is sure « truth hurts » & really badly. Wd it hv been better to keep your doubts & bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich to avoid facing the facts. Or maybe hear it from the Professional gossip broadcasters? Or find out for yourself by accident…

But being spit out right here by the criminal who committed the offense is more than you can handle. It is a burning hot potato your hands just can’t hold. You are dealing with confusion, betrayal, heartache & total loss of direction. You can’t even remember if you even cried or cursed him/her pouring the kind of venom only deep pain can bring out.

Excruciating pain. You feel like the main character of a Nollywood drama. Unfortunately it is real life & it is your life…Or what is left of it.

So can you handle the truth? Are you sure you want to know it all since the truth is said to be the foundation for a trust based relationship. Think again. Did you really want to know?

Scorned? Free yourself from guilt & let the responsible one carry the burden of his misbehavior  without him or her assuming somehow that confessing will fade the lie away. Just like that… Think again. Are you ready for the naked truth? Can you bear its consequences? Don’t lie to yourself…

Be empowered because you are powerful?


8 réflexions sur « Can you handle the truth? »

  1. The truth sets u free so y the secrets if one honest then there’s no room for secrets that’s wat I believe. Honesty is the key to every relationship ( the truth is bitter) agreed then just zero ur mind n tell urself am not perfect n accept it. At the same time there somethings that are not just worth hearing as the saying goes wat u dnt knw doesn’t hurt

  2. Allow me to change the context. The progression is seed->plant->flower->fruit. Every aspect of this progression is the truth. The fruit represents the acts such as those described above which cause pain and heartache. The only problem is the ground in which the seed is sown. If the ground is a lie (collection of lies), the seed is going to be fed and nurtured by lies and the fruit will grow out of lies. Can the fruit then be nothing but a product of such corruption and itself corrupt? Guess what, this is the true context in which most human relationships grow. Very few relationship seeds are sown in truth and therefore cannot bring forth fruits that are worthy…

  3. Nice piece Hajja,truly the truth is bitter as u said, and a few wl be ready to face it as it comes.but I think hearing it from d offender wl be better than from a third party.And again one truth is that most of us do not hv the courage to say it to ppl we offend.

  4. You know, one nevevr really knows how it would be (one’s reaction) till it hits you in the face. And it greatly depends on the situation also. Is the sppouse telling you because of regret or ‘so you don’t hear it from the mongers’ without giving a hoot about your feelings? The destabiliser for men would always be the ‘cool act’ bbecause they would coontinously wonder what you are up to; and hence keep them on their toes!

    1. Jamjam yes silence is the way to confusion but soon or later u need answers to ur questions. Unanswered questions can poison ur heart…

  5. Its a good piece but truthfully speaking women and a few of us men can’t stand the truth but a good man should like the truth of a relationship. It narrows my hard work and makes me know what she wants and to improvise.
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