Why I don’t fashion blog?

I love love Fashion , clothes & any other related issue, but I believe (even though I don’t apply it thoroughly) in the law of focus . Having had an extensive Panafricaninternational kind of life with a big part of my life spent in Paris ( mostly my chldhood, then teenage years + university) . So whoever grows up in that City has the shopping&fashion virus running through his/her veins. Fact. So I could name eyes closed most of the shop on either side of Paris (Rive Gauch or Rive droite), more specifically in the golden triangle (Champs Elysées, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Montaigne etc.) as well as the artistic area of « Le Marais » where you can find new creative designers… This is just to self praise myself as a fashion conoisseur somehow but certainly not -so much- of a brand addict. Even though I believe in walking through Montaigne or Faubourg Saint Honoré , & enter exclusive shops of Dior or Nina Ricci to either enjoy their collections or just shop that piece I have saved money for. And please it is not because someone carries a designer bag that the person is rich, the person just appreciate qualities & craftmanship of a a brand.

But the thing is , it took me 3 YEARS to post a pic of me on the blog, I just can’t imagine myself taking pictures of myself , my shoes or my bags. On the other hand I must say that I have discovered two fabulous fashion sites that I got addicted to http://stylepantry.com  where Folake displays a unique sense of style, effortless glamour ,&  affordable fashion. I will also mention http://becauseiamfabulous.com of Sai Sankoh a  very stylish  sophisticated fashionista who is truly fabulous. So since I know I can’t do better than these sisters, I peep regurly into their sites & really enjoy it. They deal about fashion at large, share trends & even ways to enhance a basic piece. And please if you know of any other site that I could relate to in terms of fashion, please share with me.  I was forgetting to mention great site for whoever tries to dress modestly – in the muslim sense- without giving up style I LOVE http://hijabtrendz.com .

Merci beaucoup.

“Be empowered because you are powerful”©



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