The Devil Was Once An Angel

She came to me crying , shaking & shivering. « What’s wrong Diana? » I asked. I could hardly hear  her voice under the sobs , but the words « slapped “ & “me » she muttered ,made me boil instantly. It wasn’t the first time she was coming to me with complaints about Musa’s behavior. Last time he was upset because she went out with me for lunch, and he snapped because according to him, she was dressed like a prostitute . I am quite shocked by his current Amnesia, her sexy chic  style was what attracted him to Diana. Another time, he threw the plate in her face whilst they were having dinner, just because there was a slice of tomato « you know I hate tomato » was his excuse. The once charming, loving & so friendly Musa was obviously turning into a controlling, jealous & violent monster. Maybe was he just showing his real colors.

This time, the controlling behavior & verbal abuse escalated into a physical abuse. I was looking at my friend’s miserable & sad face even though she was covered with diamond jewelry, carrying the latest Chanel Bag & the keys of the latest Range Rover thrown on my table. He obviously spoiling her with all the things a woman could dream of  but the more he was showering her with gifts, the more the abuse as if she had turned into his private property. « Stay at my house «  for few days was all I could suggest to Diana. With a frightened glance, Sobbing she declined my offer “ thank you  but I can’t, It will be worse”. She was shaking  with fear… Seeing her like this was giving me goose pimples.

I knew that calling him or talking to him would create more problems for Diana. So I swallowed my pain & anger. I just faced  her & asked: “honestly is it the first time that bastard touches you”. Surprised & embarrassed by my question, her tears filled eyes gave me an even sadder look. At that exact moment, she reminded me of the sheep about to get slaughtered. I was expecting an answer, even a lie. But she stayed mute. Her silence was a crystal clear answer…I could hardly imagine that lovely elegant well mannered Musa with his velvet voice & good looks kill a fly so to picture him using Diana, my strong & fearless childhood friend, as a punching ball was a vision of horror. Painful vision. Her fairytale has turned into a living nightmare. And the Angel turned into a Devil…

As she was wiping the black tracks left by the dripping mascara on her face, she attempted a forced smile « he threatened  to kill me if I leave him« .

I replied upset but  trying not to express my anger by shouting  at her:” I know he will kill you if you stay”. She just got up hugged me as if it was the last time, took her Chanel bag & her car keys & walked with uncertainty towards the door. I knew deepdown inside me that she was sending herself back to hell. But what more could I do than offer her my home? Until she decides for herself knowing that his endless promises “Baby it is the last time, I love you so much, I will never touch you again.” Lies. Lies. Deadly lies.

To all the woman abused, verbally, physically , emotionally. Do the right thing before it is too late.

“Be empowered because you are powerful”©



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