Single African woman survival kit (3)


Let’s go through your strengths so you can capitalize on them & your weaknesses in order to turn them into opportunities .  


  • A big bed just for yourself , you can turn & toss at will. Hehehe…
  • Silence. And if you need noise just talk to yourself. Many unanswered questions about yourself will be sorted.
  • Plenty Space in your wardrobe & bathroom . What more can a woman ask for?
  • No permission to ask when you go out . Freedom. Freedom.
  • Dildos & sex toys are more & more sophisticated. You might meet G spot before meeting Mr Big.
  • You can have plenty toasters at once & flirt for fun,  poly-flirting girl yeah. But at some point make a choice since you have opportunities knocking at your door.
  • You can relax on your couch in front of your tv when you come back from work without being misjudged for a lazy cow. Don’t you just love your life?
  • You can eat when you want & where you want with who you want (even though in our African societies you might worry about image management, so why not call catering & organize dinners at home)
  • You can have an empty fridge (yeah even in Africa). Abeg don’t let your friends see it they might think you are broke OH.
  • You can plan exotic trips with your girlz hourrah ! just that your mum will call you 20 times a day to ask whether you met someone interesting . I mean mine would… lol . No offense Mum.
  • You chose to have standards. Congratulations! you have faith , confidence & self esteem. The world is your oyster.


  • It’s not that fun to be alone to go to weddings or parties , keep your head up & walk with confidence, everybody is looking at you … ooh you know already.
  • You have to hire a professional to get a relaxing massage or go to spa. Hard job indeed. That is a strong weakness.
  • Every time you come back from somewhere you have to answer to : “any interesting guyz?”  Even if you come back from the Zoo.
  • You miss the man factor in your life …you know the hugs, the arguments, the heat, the making up, the companionship planning a trip together :since you haven’t planned (yet ) to be a nun or some sort of Saint , be patient, prayerful & persistent ( I didn’t tell you to stalk your ex though).
  • You are tired of dealing with the car issues, electricity problems or plumbing repairs. Hell yeah am old school this isn’t a woman’s duty to manage these.
  • Your might be boring everybody with your exes stories… You sound like a broken record: that awkward moment when at a girls’ night out everybody wants to tell a story. Better option :just describe your dream man.
  • You are afraid or you just hate being alone … Were you born with someone? Hiss. Even twins don’t stick to each others. It’s not a space filling contest
  • You miss sex. Good News: nobody dies from not having sex .
  • Are you turning into a choosy babe? No? * sigh of relief

“Does anybody really think that they didn’t get what they had because they didn’t have the talent or the strength or the endurance or the commitment?” Mandela

“Be empowered because you are powerful”©


To be continued…

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