Single African woman survival kit (2)


So let’s move on with OUR ISSUE. What are the Challenges of being single in Africa at any age (in fact)?

First & foremost: you are you, unique & happy to be yourself don’t let them bring you down. Repeat after me: I am a singular babe…smile, do the doll eyes, turn around . You love you.

The  5 Common nonsense ideas you need to ignore & get out of your mind
1-idea of marriage as a necessity to be protected. I know much more wives who protect their men from disgrace nowadays. It doesn’t mean you will reject those strong protective arms from a deserving man (according to your standards).

2- A single woman is bitter, frustrated, unhappy & sexless. I think they didn’t look at you properly. If you are unhappy single , how can you have a happy couple? Makes sense right? No comment about the sexless part. Do your own math.

3-A single woman is permanently man hunting trying to tie the knot at all costs. No no no. Observing, flirting, dating once in a while, smiling to the cute new MD of your bank doesn’t mean you are desperate. Just testing the waters, in case…

4-Single equals free often confused with loose. Who said you shouldn’t watch your behavior? Don’t mind them. They wished they had the kind of freedom you can enjoy lately.So stop depressing & enjoy yourself .

5-A single woman is alone & feeling lonely. Really? Do you know any African woman who feels alone with our extra large families, friends, acquaintances & the endless crews we entertain? If you want to feel lonely, it is your choice.

The stressful people you need to avoid or learn to manage: Threatening people & attitudes
1-the stressful aunt who can never stop blabbing about her happily married kids, their achievements, her grandkids, etc. So what? You are also happy for them. Change topic whenever she starts. Nicely.
2-the envious depressed married women who wished she never listened to everybody & married that fool. She deserves a sisterly. There is one fool less on the field ..Yippi ! Tell her the demand is high so she should hold on to Joe.
3-the competing mistresses: the market of Gold digging is tight lately with the economic crisis, she can relax you are not into that rich old fart who is the latest Cash Cow in town. In fact he is already your biz partner. Let her know, but be ready for an envious panic attack: “You know Yinka Brown the billionaire?” Waouw . she might want to become your new best friend. Maybe she has a single dad, brother or cousin. LOL

4-the nosy family friend who is always asking about your  wedding date sarcastically. Get out of the room so you won’t have to be disrespectful.
5-the pressure parents who want to have grandkids asap: tell them you are going to adopt from an orphanage. Maybe your mum will give you peace. Maybe…
6-the hook-up brothers & sisters who  always have a new single to introduce! Once in a while OK for the matchmaking but not automatically.
7- the threatened insecure supposedly « happily married » friends who think their hubbies will come chase you, I said it Brad Pitt is not in Africa.
8- The party animal girlfriend who is single but can’t remember her age and never stops partying! Better get your beauty sleep if you want to look fresh. She might be looking for a sex date…
9-the bitter babe who is envious of your lifestyle. You work hard for it so what’s her own?
10-the stupid mentally ill co-workers, suppliers or potential customers  who have issues giving credit to  an unmarried childless woman. I never knew our brain was in our wombs or that a wedding band was equal to experience & degrees. This world’s standards evolve quickly.

12- All those who ask the stupid questions: when are you getting married? Did you meet somebody? Why did you break up? How come a beautiful woman like you is not married? And the list goes on… respond with a smile meaning: when did you last have sex ? If you mind your business, I will mind mine.

“Be empowered because you are powerful”©


To be continued…

“Be empowered because you are powerful”©


To be continued…

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