Flirtherapy is good for you

That awkward moment when you are just not in a relationship but you need to feel the platonic effect of being desired, loved, wanted by a Male!lol ! Translation: you just need to flatter your dumb self centered  narcissistic ego. You need to feel someone desires  the charming, desirable & lovely woman you know you are . Without being in a formal  relationship & not even intending to be in one. I won’t blame you you, everybody needs a little bit of reassurance once in a while.

So what happens? Dude is cool, not bad looking, even hot, maybe even a good friend or on your waiting list… You start paying a closer look at dude, respond to his signs : you smile back at him, you laugh to his jokes, yo u let him touch your hand or talk to you in an erotic way, you feed his fantasies with X rated comments.. In flirting there is no erotic touch involved. Your ego is boosted, your sex appeal restores its dignity …and congratulations you have just become an official  FLIRT! Remember that it can be soothing for a bruised heart & healing to a ssss (Sexy Sexless Single Sister #naboulovism). But be careful don’t push it too far, unless you are ready to bear the consequences & don’t even play with a taboo man  , the same applies if you are not a free woman.RED LIGHT . Ok?

So Flirtherapy is positive as long as you know when to stop since crossing the line might turn a male friend or acquaintance into an deadly enemy ( yeah he will call you bitch! & I agree with him). Please, make sure you don’t confuse flirting with romancing otherwise heartbreaks will be unavoidable. So as usual play it subtle & be wise… Use Flirtherapy with moderation  and make sure you don’t light any fire you can’t control or extinguish.

“Be empowered because you are powerful”

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