Naboulove’s 10 Powerful Words of healing

Never underestimate the healing power of words for they can destroy, motivate, nurture, create emotions . I have a big flaw , I have a tendency to say things I don’t always have to say & sometimes they hurt. Maturity & motherhood  has taught me that “No I am not always right” . sometimes my sons correct me. I realized that the way I say things to people can either motivate or depress, bring love or hate. And my mother never ever took us for granted as her kids, she never stops saying healing words to us ,repeating that I have to be polite with you as my kids … Reaching out to people when you think about them, expressing what you feel with words can change someone’s life or perspective at a given time. So when you think , say it as it has the power of healing a broken soul or a sad spirit.

1-I am Sorry, excuse  me… sometimes it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s just about wanting to be forgiven to heal scars & move on.

2-I forgive you , say it, think it, act accordingly. Remember forgiveness is freedom.

3-I love you, yes I do whether you are my child, my friend, my reader, my sister, someone who passed through in my life with a smile, & even sometimes tears & pain. But love is love.

4-Thank you FOR what you did for me, thank you for the pain for it taught me a lesson , thank you  God for the gift of life, health & love, thank you for  you are a blessing in my life. Did you tell those who deserved to be thanked your gratitude?

5-Please? Because nothing is by force, you are not to dictate anything to anybody, not even to people you pay.

6-How are you? Because I care for you & when we separate I will tell you to Take care … Feel  how much you are important in my life.

7-Be blessed, is a prayer sent  to the Almighty … As said in the Quran “Your actions will be judged according to your intentions”…

8-I miss you… Oh yes I do. Why pretend you don’t…

9-How can I help you? You know some people need you but won’t ask so anticipate…

10-Congratulations Well done–  The more of us do well , accomplish positive things & succeed  & the more we will move forward collectively as a community of people. So be happy for your people, the world will smile at you

It is said that “Actions speak louder than words” so make sure you heal through words & follow up with deeds.

Words of healing convey respect , send love, express gratitude.

Thank you for reading , be blessed & take care

“Be empowered because you are powerful”


8 réflexions sur « Naboulove’s 10 Powerful Words of healing »

  1. Very well written and truthful my lovely sis. Thank you & God bless you for reminding us the power of healing with words.

    Much love xx

  2. There she goes again with more powerful messages, totally simplified to strike a chord in every human heart (hopefully). We may think we know some of these things BUT do we back them with deeds? Food for thought. Your well put words of wisdom remind us how to live….THANK YOU Nabou,my sis,my friend.

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