Usman Danfodio random thoughts on women in ISLAM

Usman Danfodio (may Allah grant him Al-Jannah Firdaus) in one of his wise sayings said:
« Educate a man, you educate him alone. Educate a woman, you educate a whole generation. »
He was also quoted as saying:
« Among the worst innovation I have encountered among the Hausa people,
is the way they leave their women in ignorance, penury and bondage.

They treat a woman like a calabash;
When it is new,they use it in their daily activities of their sustenance,when it is old,
they break it into pieces to cover their pit latrine. »
– (Danfodio in his Nurul al bab).

Millions of muslim women in hausaland are still living in the same condition Two Hundred Years after Danfodio.
This is a wakeup call!
I hope men will be more proactive in finding solution to this inhumane condition brought upon women to bear.
In Islam, women has right to be heard, right to life, to choice, to acquire, to education as do men.
Allah says: A woman is created to serve as veil to man and not as a burden!
Islam is the first religion to recognize woman’s rights, is the first religion to touch woman’s feelings with equity, and yet some men maltreat their women and still consider themselves to be good muslims, nay! They are not!
The Prophet (saw) said, »The best amongst you, is the one who is good to his wives. »

It should be noted that every woman is a mother, a daughter, a sister or a wife and so treat her as you would want yours to be treated!