Wake up TO REALITY , it was just an ILLUSION…

Before meeting men & women meant having had a physical contact or an exchange face to face. Now (since myspace etc)  & more so NOW (in the last two years) with new meeting points, such as facebook, bbm, skype, msn , etc. etc. You meet people in a different way, establish regular exchanges ( innocent or naughty) & it happens that some think they have met they Mr Perfect . Puleeeze , it’s not because he sends you a suggestive message once in a while (even though on a regular length of time) that you have a boyfriend or a husband to be. Nonetheless Madam if you are married or involved elsewhere it is wrong to cross some limits with a stranger. (kinky pictures exchange, cybesex , webcaming etc.); Ok it can be fun & very good for your ego if you know how & when to stop. But if you keep entertaining that kind of virtual kinky “relationship” don’t run away when the man takes his car or plane to come & make things happen for real. Regarding the single sisters or the ones in no particular attachment, make sure that you don’t  fall into the “illusion relationship” trap otherwise you might end up disillusioned (90% of the case). If you are having fun then fine but keep in mind the fact that what is going on here on Facebook, Blackberry, Skype, MSN , Whatsapp or any other social network  with someone you never met is not the REALITY of a couple but merely an ILLUSION. And it will be so until one of you take the decision to meet each other & try develop a certain friendship (otherwise you might just be fucking partner ) . Please open your eyes & don’t get emotionally overwhelmed by  a “virtual” lover. The only time when I think it could be useful is as a rebound boyfriend, if you think you can master your emotions.  And don’t make the move to go see him, unless you happen to have something relevant to do in his area. If he really wants to meet you, he will take a step & if he doesn’t spare your emotional overflow for someone that will think that being with you is more than just virtual sex satisfying an endless need for excitement. He might even had been entertaining  several relationships of that type not only with you but other women as well. I will not mention online dating because I don’t really have a clear knowledge of it & honestly I don’t know if we Africans really believe in it but regarding social media , I know that everyday millions of people engage in virtual kinky talks. A last one to my African brothers out there: please stop asking single women while chatting with them if they want to play or get serious, because you all know the answer- . And Ladies it’s not because he said he wants to marry you that he is Mr Right. Marriage , a relationship is more than a name behind a phone or a computer, it is a commitment, and a very serious one,  not a mere twisted illusion fueled by conversations. Feelings are to be taken seriously so have a clear analysis of what you feel  for that unknown charming  distant but so close person & will realize that is more infatuation or lust than love or even basic like.

“Be Empowered because you are powerful”


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