Give love a chance.

« Well how else can I explain this rainbow when there is no rain…It’s magic, when we walk hands in hands my life becomes a wonderland, it’s magic… », if you have never heard that beautiful song of the Jazz singer Dinah Washington, then you have been  missing something … It is one of my favorite love songs of all times. Vintage, jazzy but wonderfully romantic when you are in that mood or even looking for it…
Falling in love all over again, letting go, letting IT be… And feel the butterflies in the stomach, the heartbeats every time he calls , living up to surrealistic romanced expectations, Expecting an umpteenth sign of « Ooh yes I love u too »… « This it It » the great feeling, « this is him » the one I have been waiting for… At 15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60 and until our last breath we keep on hoping, dreaming, expecting that this time he is the One. Sometimes we are lucky, and other times it’s tricky, we either fear our feelings  or we are led by fear, afraid of a painful ending, we run away & at times behind the rainbow there is a storm when we realize he is not so « charming as a Prince » but what the heck is life about? Give it a chance if your heart beats soo fast whenever you are together, know your limits, distinguish love from lust but remember that even if he is the One, some days will be sunny & others rainy so there will always be pain management issues.

This is real  life we are in, not a romance novel. We stay afloat in an Ocean ,sometimes cold & with high waves like the Pacific, or Calm & hot like the Atlantic off the shores of Florida. Learn to live & love by swimming through the waves, and no matter what happens remember that Love has kept you alive every time you thought your heart would not beat to that pace again…

“Be Empowered because you are powerful”

2 réflexions sur « Give love a chance. »

  1. thanks my sista! thats encouraging, after my message to u on BB earlier on today. Will try and do as u suggest up there (Praying… »God help me to crush this wall i have built between myself and ‘Love’). LOL!!!!

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