Naija For Life.

Here we are again , at a verge of a new dawn, it is early 2012 & a family friend’s daughter is getting married in Abuja. Without hesitating I responded present & was a bit confused when she gave me the dress code : a pink laffaya  for the cultural evening & she will keep a Silver Gele -headtie – for me for the dinner party. Hmmm… I started asking around ro all my good sisters : what is a laffaya? laughs, etc. I finally find out that it is just a body veil like the one women in Sudan & Mauritania are used to wear & that we call « meulfeu » in Senegal. Anyway I ended up sorting my logistics issues & headed for Lagos from Brazzaville the day before the henna party. After flying half of the African Sky i reached Las Gidi Airport where my sweet sister Fati Grema had been waiting for me for almost half of the day. However, I managed to catch a flight to Abuja the same evening & got in happy & excited. My beautiful niece Fatima’s wedding was a total feast , even though the Laffaya day was a total nightmare, it looked good but I felt like I would be naked in no time if I moved a bit. The dinner party at « this day » Dome was total fun , even though I had never heard about Wizkid before, he really entertained the party before we got our old school funky music to extend the fun. Personalities such as President Obasanjo & co. gave memorable speech on the late dad of the bride; It was my first Gele experience , apart from the tying lessons given by my friend Ronke whe she stopped in Kinshasa. lol.  Of course as a panafrican reknowned shopper, I had to find an excuse to buy shoes at my friend Habiba’s shop « just unique » in Kcity plaza .. Also went to pay a visit to the beautiful Huddaya’s shop & of course ordered few thingz for myself… *smile. All this of course only in my first 3 days in Abuja.  Also want to point out the wonderful work of Cupcake Factory  Lagos who flew in a team just to make the cupcakes I gave as a wedding present for the dinner party. Bravo Fatima , for your professional follow up & perfect planning. I wished i could take your staff to Congo with me…

But having missed my flight to Kano, I was trapped by GEJ who just chose the time of my visit to increase the price of Petrol. OMG. Strike threats . ETC. Here I am finding myself stuck in Abuja during the #occupynigeria movement…  So all my plans of Kano, Kaduna & Yola were dead. SO I quietly #occupyiedAbuja from Asokoro, Garki & my best friend’s Aamina’s place. Made the most of my time; and looking for a way to escape Abuja… I was lucky enough to have a whole lot of great friends who stood by me during that  » hard » period… hahahahaha. so I got to #occupy Vanilla Abuja of my friend Edoro Abebe that I strongly recommend & my friend Noushy took me to her daily joint Casa Linda. I was also lucky to eat several times at #Chopsticks , awesome chinese food … So as an occupier de luxe, I couldn’t miss a visit to MB Spa for a moroccan bath & an awesome moment of relaxation. Asap as Abuja airport opened i was off to Lagos with my niece/Sister/Friend Huwaila where in 24 hours I was able to go drop all my plenty fabrics at Zizi Cardow shop in Lagos. And chase Pamela Boateng’s contact to get Ohenebagz (seen before on Ronke in Dakar) for my mum & I. Last but not least my escape to Ene Maya , tastefully decorated shop in Surulere & pack few turbans -recommended by my sistafriend Joy Anuli Eze , the lady behind the famous hair label Hair Glamour International,.-… I forgot to mention my afternoon spent at Otis’ Place -somewhere in VI- with my bro Jeje , hehehehehe (those who know know)…   I stopped at Tiffany Amber’s shop in Shoprite Lekki but thank God I was already broke . So Guyz next time before you think Paris, Joburg or New York (my francophone peeps) , don’t forget Lagos , where creativity & energy meet… So Don’t ask me where I am from again, coz I feel also like am Naija for Life. And like my sister Hauwa said when I landed in Nigeria  » Welcome back home »…


3 réflexions sur « Naija For Life. »

  1. Nabou my sister,you are truly the Queen of Africa…
    Yeah,nice suggestion sis,maybe we need to put up our links to advertise on your blog and magazine,do work out the payment plan and notify us..

  2. as usual big sister, well done! It would be really cool to have web links to all the shops you are talking about in your blog! food for thoughts, love, M

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