How to resist to a man on a first date??

Ok girls, you met that guy, he is cute , hot , you have been chatting on facebook or twitter, or else, You have met him mostly with friends around … You have had that dirty talk on the phone . And you have been single for some times… Swearing to yourself that the next one will be the ONE – dreamz do come true some times *my sarcastic tone* – … And in the end after all these weeks or months he asks you out on a date. You age doesn’t matter , you are just stressed, excited, shaking & a bit feeling « like a virgin »…hahahahaha… nO worries . You don’t want to give it to him event though you have been longing for a bit of sexcitement in a long time. I just thought of few ideas to help you resist to your natural urge to let go  – think about all the pain you will save to yourself-.

So here are few tips on how to close your legs on a first date:

1-Don’t shave … it works indeed. you dont want to pass for mother bear , don’t you. he might be put off forever.

2-Meet him during your periods… who wants to be a first time in a blood bath?

3-Wear your ugliest panty – or make sure u tear it in order to have a disgusting hole-…No matter how much your lust is high you will be frozen everytime you think about your « uglypanty »

4-Tell him about all your money problems, etc. (the risk is you might never see him again). But with this one he might drop u home even before the dessert or disappear for good in the restaurant.

5- Drink your chinese diet tea around noon, so that the timing will be perfect for a super Diarrhea & stomach ache after the dinner. Who wants to spend an evening in a fine man’s bathroom .lool. your excuse will be  » I think something didn’t work with my stomach » with an embarassed smile.

6-If you are Christian just remember the last preaching on fornication at church & how Hell is ready to welcome you …

7- If you are Muslim remember the heat of Hell for fornicators… frightening isn’t it

8- Have a close look at his left hand or find out if he is married . And remember the last married man you went out with kept you as a mistress for an an endless time. you don’t want to go through all that BS don’t you?

9- oK he is single but has been single for so long that nobody recalls the name of his last long lasting relationship… there is something fishy girl. Don’t fall in the trap . Some guyz  are born to be bachelors for life ; SAVE YOURSELF THE PAIN.

10- If you just couldn’t hold it,then I hope it was at least worth it & be ready for whatever happens afterwards good or bad. Remove that guilty feeling girl coz you made your choice in the end.

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