Are U True To Yourself?

How many of us sink in moderately satisfiying relationships without having the courage to change anything. We just flow through the waves hoping thiNgs will get better or change expecting a miracle or a magical action. How many of us keep lying to ourselves pretending we are happy with our current situation when in reality we are barely even content of it. And time passes by as we go deeper & deeper increasing our unhappiness but still playing the ostrich game consisting in refusing to face the harsh reality & sourness of our lives. It seems like the more we learn about the unlimited power of our spirit or the strenght of action in a life changing process , the less we apply the basic principles we inundate our brains with. We enjoy quotes, personal development books, attend endless seminars with coaches, fill our drawers with books on how to become the person we want to be. Nevertheless we read, quote, share, apply to some areas of our lives but we fail to use the teachings in our own lives & get the relationship we deserve.
Why do we lie to ourselves?
Just because we want to stay in our comfort zone , keeping things as they are in order to avoid pain, loneliness & real change. But think again, is that relationship worth your personal integrity, is it worth your self satisfaction & self respect? Don’t you deserve better than being just there…? Are you staying for the good reasons – for if you are unhappy then the reasons are wrong-? Wake up then and go grab that happiness u deserve & leave the space for a person who will treat you right. Remember that single is different from lonely so don’t jail yourself in an unhappy relationship just for the sake of being with someone…
Be empowered . Take the next step to your happiness.
Copyright Naboulove

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