To Condom Or Not To Condom

With the rise of awareness to STD’s some are still wondering whether to wear condoms or not. In many of our countries, prostitutes who make love without condoms are paid double or triple the price of protected sex. It is true that money is scarce for the majority of africans, but wd u rather put your life at risk than be healthy and keep on providing for ur family. I remember those days when I was still studying in Paris and one of my friend who was a Medical Doctor got pregnant by accident! Shit does happen even to the more educated of us. Why? Just because African women r always afraid to say no to their men, fearing that he wd leave for another one. So be it Ladies! No one is worth your health and your life! And in the best scenario pregnancy is the best thing that could happen to you, compared to Aids. No be so? Whoever values and loves you MUST accept that you protect yourself. Recently reading statistics about aids propagation in Congo Brazzaville, I was shocked to find out that many faithful married women were condemned to death by their husbands! Chaley! Wetin I go do now sistah Naboulove? Well make sure you drag your man and yourself to HIV testing regularly. And the greatest tactic is to constantly remind him about the people in your entourage who either died of it -especially beautiful women- or are currently going through tri-therapy. And please talk to him about using condoms if he slips. Unlike what preachers of all sorts are claiming, aids is not a punishment from God but a fatality transmitted by careless individuals. A close friend of mine has been contaminated by her husband over 10 years ago and she never starts a relationship without informing her partner and protect him. So obviously you gathered the answer to my question so stay safe and turn your back to any individual that might put your life at stake for few minutes of pleasure.

Protect yourself

3 réflexions sur « To Condom Or Not To Condom »

  1. I think we need to bring up the gap between what is said vs what is actually done regarding condoms. It’s the only way to get change to happen and more people to use condoms

    1. Thanks for stopping by my sister, the stupid things we hear about wearing condoms from highly educated people makes me wonder really…

  2. I have seen a movie called »Desert Flower »few weeks ago, I was shocked by the circumcision. In China there was a custom called foot-binding. we can’t imagine how come deviant social status between Male and female.

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