The Power Of Silk , Satin & Lace

Walking with Garters on like a sexy  Cabaret dancer was once one of my craze in my mid twenties and that was long time before Dita Von teese . I had revived the Pin up in me a decade before the retro trend. Those were the days when my skirt length was at mid thighs and my stockings  “Dim up” adorned with lace. Oh Nostalgia…

How did it all started?

As a  student in Paris constantly searching for novelties like a modern time adventurer. One day on a lingerie raid (my raids were targeted most of the time by theme, or topic) I discovered a very very exclusive little lingerie shop hidden in the “Galeries du Lido” on the Champs Elysées.  And what I found inside was an appealing colorful explosion of shades and textures :pink ribbons, blue lace, yellow mesh and red chiffon flirting and turned into corsets, bras, gstring, etc; with so much feminity and frivolity. Like a child in a candy shop, I just couldn’t resist.  After a long observation   tinted with an obvious admiration, I started choosing my matching sets, some with Garters , some simple,  without any hesitation. This is how I started  a mini collection, of exclusive , sophisticated & girly underwear. La Perla, Lise Charmel, etc. were the basics of my body wardrobe.  I just fell in love with these pieces that were sweating with feminity and sensuality.

And honestly the first time I tried wearing a whole set: garter, stockings, gstring and bra, I felt sooo powerful. The lace, the satin ribbon , the silk lining ! Oh la la! I just understood what it could mean to be a woman.

So please indulge yourself once in a while with a beautiful-powerful but so uncomfortable lace, ribbon & silk set! Feel the difference. Match it with the color of your clothes ( it seems so teenage & girly) but I still do!

I gave up on the Garter when I moved to Africa but I do love wearing silk corset with matching undies.Mmmm so powerful when you walk all set under your clothes. So you understand why wonderwoman , catwoman or James Bond Girls walked around in undies? Hehehehe!

beside my undies history the subliminal message I want to deliver is « don’t underestimate the power of sexy underwear » and when I say sexy I mean it, and it is not about being single or with someone.It is about you and yourself only!

And when I moved back to Africa and started digging in my roots I adopted all the Senegalese seduction items: Gongo, Gowé, Thiouraye, Bin bin & Bethio .

So spoil yourself with overly feminine lingerie and feel empowered by your sexy side!


2 réflexions sur « The Power Of Silk , Satin & Lace »

  1. I absolutely agree with you on this one. I feel awesome when I wear something feminine and lacy or silky and I do feel powerful. Very nice post Nabou.

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