Dear Nafissatou,

I am soo sorry for you as a sister in wonanhood, an african sister and a fulani sister. I feel your pain, your shame and your hate. And my words are how I express my wrath. Thanks for having raised your voice to condemn the one who raped your dignity and your integrity because when u left your village as a widow with your 2 year old daughter, you were still a teenager . With your willpower and faith in Allah the almighty you made it to America to give ur child a better life. My dear sister u hv spoken for the million women in the world who keep their voices low in front of their oppressors and for that you will be abundantly rewarded. Today my sister U might be regretting it because raised as a fulani you were not interested in any publicity but just looking for justice. We your sisters from around the world we support you morally & emotionally because it is about us in this story. Us abused, raped , beaten and silenced because of the lack of rights. Thanks Nafissatou for having proven to the world that a woman’s body is her temple and that No man had the right to disrespect it by force without having to pay the price. Say Alhamdullilahi my sister because if it had happened in the heart of Africa no one would have given you credit. Alhamdllilahi for you are a hard working honest woman living in America where no one can play or disrespects a womans body without being accountable for it.
It is about your pain my sister, it is about your sutura, your dignity. Close your ears Nafissatou , because it is only about you and your emotions, nobody else. So keep your faith and hope, because we women of the world are behind you, supporting you with our prayers, our words, our strenght. United we stand my sister. It is not about colors like america tend to love disgressing towards racial issues. It is about womanhood and the choice to say No even to a husband in a marital bed. It is about womanhood beaten each day in the lstreets of the world by men stronger and hateful. It is about Motherhood, a strong woman u are Nafissatou raised as a Muslim and with the fulani values, and proudly working to take care of your daughter.
So Nafissatou you are neither lonely or alone because we are all here with you. Because it is all about you and nobody else.

Djelika Sow
Nabou Fall
Aka Naboulove
Proud granddaughter of Bigue Diallo

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