Few truths about love…

1- Love CAN only be declined in present tense I love, I am in love, I am loving,  it is a now emotion, not tomorrow, not yesterday!
2-To love each other doesn’t mean to agree blindly on everything, it is More about completing each other …
3-You might hurt the one you love, as much as he might hurt you so remember then that love is about forgiveness & compassion
4- Love is a gift, a miracle, a therapy, so enjoy the glow on your face, the butterflies in your stomach and your  bright smile while it lasts ;
5-love is not ego based but purpose led so your  attitude will determine your altitude and your intents should match your expectations
6-love is blind so beware of the eyes filters through which you see the relationship and your beloved.
7-Love grows and evolves through various phases and intensities, move through the waves of love .
8-Love has nothing to do with fear, so free yourself and let it be, take one step  at a  time & release the phobias inadequately attached

9-Love is heart centre and unconditional not self-centered and conditional , so listen to your heart

10-Love is a natural flow , so if you have to fight for it, use the question mark. ?

11-Love doesn’t hurt , it is not being love in return that hurts..so learn to move on , heal , and keep your love potential for who will love you in return.

12-love can be addictive and addictions can be destructive, so love yourself more than you will love anyone else.it is free and will make you feel good.