Would you Date Yourself?

That is a tough one people and when I first read that question in a magazine , I first ignored it – too afraid to face myself? Maybe…

Anyway as my brain being obsessive – or should I say stubborn?-, it would let me rest until I thought it over. So I looked for a modus operandum to get a clear vision of who I am as a person.


I am so arrogant and self assured that honestly I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with me, I have a very big mouth – meaning I never lose an opportunity to use it and sharpen it like a razor if need be-. I hardly take no as an answer -hell yes! – These features of my character alone make me fear meeting another me. I am so hyperactive that I wake in the middle of the night and think, create,  write…Hey Baby come back to bed! Who wants to sleep with a freak!! I am impatient, have high expectations in human relationships and I have the discipline of a General ( most of the time). So I am a challenge to live with. Please I don’t think I could honestly cope with me! I confess..

Honestly ,I have a lot of respect for the PEOPLE who deal with me ON A REGULAR base.  It sure  takes a MAN to handle my multiple disorders personality. As a matter of fact , I don’t think I would  ENJOY dealing with myself!Word! It doesn’t mean I don’t love myself but I don’t know if I could spend a life with a person who is like me.

Ok so be truthful to yourself and answer: would you date yourself?

I Am sure you want to ask me: Why don’t you change?

I am trying each day but it is not that easy and also maybe he/she loves you for what you can’t cope about  yourself!

So MAYBE A STRONG PARTNERSHIP IS ALSO ABOUT HAVING SOMEONE WHO ENJOYS LOOKING AT YOU IN THE MIRROR, WHEN YOU CAN’T ALWAYS STAND YOUR SELF REFLECTION. There is a certain balance in complementing each other’s personalities, even though looking towards the same direction & sharing a common vision about life is a major value added.

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