Curiosity Killed The Cat…

Some of us want to know everything at all cost about their companion! Who is he/she calling? Where did he/she go? Who is he/she sending or receiving sms from? So because you are married or in a relationship with someone you believe you have a natural right on their phones, and movements. I am sure many have been tempted by checking on his/her phone calls or sms and even his/her mailbox. Ok you found some kinky or ambiguous text message or an incoming call from the mother or father of his 2 kids. Or the person who sent the text wrote: I miss you darling… At first you are pissed off. But you now have the evidence you were looking for – otherwise why did you scan the phone?-, then you are hurt – you looked for it isn’t it? And then you are gained by sadness – I thought we were happy together-! . And last but not least you cannot   complain about it  : how are you going to say you found out?  So like the cat who was wondering what is inside the river you are drowning…  Alone.

And how could you possibly attack someone who obviously shows you love everyday just over assumptions made on the basis of a text message. This is the 21st century Dearie, « Darling » is so overrated. So calm down and concentrate on facts. Ok doubts have invaded your mind & you can’t deal with it? Then keep the name in mind and do some innocent namedropping  » Maami Attah » -lol the bitch’s name- & watch your mate’s reaction. If he is cool then relax , if he gets agitated, relax too because once caught men are careful. Wise guys at least! Regarding the parent of his/her children you don’t have a say in it. Just pretend to ask about him/her before you boil with free jealousy. If they still wanted to be together, you wouldn’t fit in the landscape. So instead of committing emotional suicide, mind your own business, keep your hands off other peoples phone and make sure you delete any ambiguous message in yours. If you did it your partner might do it too.

Don’t drown in assumptions and enjoy your life !


Une réflexion sur « Curiosity Killed The Cat… »

  1. Personnellement je ne cherche (décroche, fouille, … ) pas , ma mère nous (3 soeurs) a tjrs rabâché ça ….. et je prends soin d’effacer mes sms , mails , appels reçus ……. j’avoue : c’est du boulot loooooool

    Mais c’est arrivé à (presque) tous :))

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