Did your soulmate cross your path yet?

Once upon a time… This how we have imagined the beginning of our love life, but the truth was a bit different from the fairy tales. How many of us have expected to encounter his soulmate? How many disappointments, tears, bitter arguments? And we are still searching , some are hopeless others hopeful. However what if we had a biased expectation of the « soulmate » concept? What if a « soul mate » was not unique in a lifetime but a sum of encounters that have a significant impact on your perception of events & things? Maybe heartbreaks were just an awakening to grow in a more sensitive person? I am just thinking aloud though…
We women tend to regret our lost love or try to hang on long gone memories. Why not cherish them as a way on our life path that made us who we are. Let’s bless those who have hurt us for having shaken our heart in ways we couldn’t even think of. In ways that have helped us grow in life sometimes even before growing up properly. So let’s look back and review those who crossed our path, how did they touch your life? Think about it…
How many times did you love with a certain intensity? Did it always turn into a relationship? So why did you have to experience such feelings? Was it an initiatic way to prepare your great expected finale ?: meeting The soul Mate. Or were those emotions the spare parts of what we call or qualify as soul mate?

Who said a Soul Mate has to stay? Once having accomplished his/her purpose in your life ( even if it is for a second), and creates an awareness that will cause a shift in your senses, your soulmate might have to let you continue your journey through life.
So maybe there are no lost love but gained perceptions.Maybe u hv crossed your soul mate but you were too busy expecting a Prince on a horse who will take you to his Castle. Maybe there are many of them who impacted your person but you never opened your heart to their positive input, your ego being to busy lamenting about a break up? So let us rewind, press stop & try to thank whatever happened in our love lives for it had made us who we are. And relax, even if he/she is just passing, it might be The Soul Mate responsible for your awakening. I want to thank here those who came on my way and bless them for who I am & what they have brought into me as a being. Stop questionning yourself about any outcome and LIVE!
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2 réflexions sur « Did your soulmate cross your path yet? »

  1. This is my perception of things nowadays and it can apply for everything that we encounter in Life. We should not try to hold on to things or people. We have a purpose in Life and everyone we encounter in Life helps us grow and move forward accomplishing our destiny. The best way to Love is to be able to let go those we love. They might not be here in human form but they will always be in our heart forever. The memories will never die. That’s what make a soul-mate, a mate who is always going to be with our soul. The soul is always wandering to look for what we desire, we cannot force a bird not to fly, it purpose is to fly. Open your heart to the possibilities that your soul is opening for your journey on this Lifetime. I suggest a book by Paulo Coelho « Brida » where he talks about the fact that we do not have only one soul mate but more than one. Naboulove keep sending Love to all of Us, We Love you!!!

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