Affirm Your Sexiness

What makes likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Beyonce Knowles, Iman and even the ordinary next door girl  look sexy in the eyes of the world? Is it their looks, the way they dress, they perfect body or a whole? Be reassured ladies, sexy has nothing to do with perfect beauty and doesn’t relate to being dressed in mini skirt with half of your boobs coming out of your top .You envy that colleague of yours because men at work follow her with their eyes every time she is around. And she is not the epitome of beauty she is neither slim nor have half of her body in sight! Being sexy is in the way you talk , walk, smile, glance. It is an attitude that you can acquire and develop. So don’t give up and continue reading!
By Observing, watching, discussing and asking around, I have compiled the following guideline that might help you reveal the sexiness in you:
1-Carry yourself with confidence, feel like Miss Universe when you walk, breathe in and forget about the fact that you are short, overweight or not as pretty as your sister. Just feel good inside, because you are yourself  and nobody  can take that away from you. Confidence – I didn’t say arrogance- is a head turner and will make you hot, whereas arrogance will make you cheap even if you are indeed Miss Universe.
2-Work on your posture Madam! Keep your back straight, your tummy in, your head up. No matter what hold on to your posture.
3-Smile inside and bring it on your face. I didn’t say laugh out loud. A heartfelt, sincere ,slightly naughty smile is attractive and brings out your charisma.
4-Cultivate the way you look at people. Work on your magnetic glance by making subtle eye contact and keeping a part of your mystery. Your eyes must be the most expressive part of your body without saying it all. Send mixed messages. Even if u r not into make-up, put khol or eyeliner and mascara to create and emphasize an enigmatic you.
5-Have a style of your own, Choose bright  and sexy colors like pink and red – they always compliment dark complexion- and always keep it as simple as possible –over accessorizing you might end up looking like a Christmas tree-. Make sure you have a hairstyle that suits you and when you get dressed don’t wear anything that doesn’t work with your body figure! sexy is not about being half naked so don’t be vulgar. Remember it’s about style, not fashion.
6-Wear beautiful lingerie to feel sexy for yourself. Whether you are into lace, silk or cotton, indulge yourself with the best just to please your body. It will make a huge difference in the way you feel.
7-wearing a ton of make-up and looking like a Picasso painting is everything but sexy. Apart from your eyes, your lips are essential to your sexiness. Choose a color that goes with your complexion and invest in a gloss that will always keep them inviting. Impeccably manicured nails as well as a flawless skin will add a lot to your sex appeal.
8-Don’t be to available and avoid the African spot lights. You are not a star so don’t behave like one and avoid being the one who doesn’t miss out a party. Cultivate the mystery around your whereabouts and like everything rare increase your market value.*Wink
9-Improve your personality: be real, genuinely helpful, caring ,polite and just friendly enough with everyone around without overdoing it. A nice woman is so sexy to be with.

10- Cease every opportunity to unleash your feminity. Dare to be a woman who needs and seeks assistance and help from others. Revealing your fragility,  will attract many super heroes around ready to come rescue you or help you.
11-Choose a fragrance that suits you. A classic I don’t need to develop.
12-Watch yourself in a mirror and affirm : “I am sexy “. If you are not convinced , who could you convince?

13- Reverse all the negative image you had of yourself: replace I am fat with I am voluptuous, I am short by I am delicate and so on… I am sure you feel better already. If you think your lips are big or your nose is ugly, think about them as winning features that will add sex appeal as long as you learn to love them.

14-Enough said, go out and start now and check all those males eyeing at your sexy self.

« Be empowered because you are powerful »


10 réflexions sur « Affirm Your Sexiness »

  1. I’m trying my hardest to cultivate this inner sexiness again. I remember one time this guy told me I’m insanely sexy. I asked him why, and he said it’s because I’m genuine, and I just am. I don’t try to be but I am, I never realized that. He said every guy whom he knew thought the same thing. So apparently I am sexy lol. I just need to believe it.

  2. sex appeal learned looks wsill appeal /tempt men for mating, inherited sex appeal biologically will make men mad. though it is known fact that every man becomes emotion less after few years with same woman, but very active when gets chance with change of mere figure. men biological dynamics weakness, no remedy at all, pl reply.

  3. Well…being sexy is something even more beautiful if you don’t have to work on it. I can actually spot from first glance a woman faking it…I might be wrong but I believe it’s something you have or just don’t have…

    1. Dede for thé lucky ones no need to work on it! But I believe we are perfectible beings and that capacity ensables us to improve our God given nature when we really decide to. it is lie learning a foreign language, when you havé integrated the vocabulary and the grammar, it then starts becoming part of your natural self! Bizz and thanks for passing by.

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