Why I Hate Valentine!

I know you are frowning and despising me for the title but how clearer could I express my feelings? Why should I leave my romantic life in the hands of American marketers who might have just created this day to boost consumerism after the slow month of January. Why should I express my love, offer presents or have a special dinner outing with my beloved only on that specific day. And by the way who is that saint? By the way I am muslim. No comments.
I always thought that cupid was the symbol of love, but nobody knows his birth date? Laugh out loud! Why wouldn’t it be the 1st of March or the 25th of May or better everyday of our life? Why are we so thirsty for events and spending that even in the most remote places of Africa, people give Valentine a value it doesn’t have? Or does that show our incapacity to gather around any African symbol or tradition whilst we are always eager on jumping on anything coming from the others – Europeans & Americans-. This is another topic though, let me refocus. Being from a francophone African country, I found out about the Valentine craze first in the US and then in English speaking African countries like Ghana. But here again can’t you show love and appreciation all year long? That celebration day started spreading in French speaking African countries in the 90’s,but mainly, for business reasons. As a marketer myself, I used to offer 2 for 1 mobile set packages during that period, in order to boost my mobile subscribers’ base. Mea Culpa.
Who is that Saint who decided that his day was the love day? I believed cupid was in charge there. Once upon a time, I was myself dragged in the swirl of the Lovers’ day: expecting a gift, a dinner, a special treat. And not getting it the way I planned it in my head would make me feel miserable. And one day I just wondered why? Why should I feel upset about not being able to live my dream scenario, when I get chocolates, flowers, presents once in a while unexpectedly from the man in my life. I realized that Valentine gift and planned romance is not worth the drama, especially when you get them all year long. So, Saint Valentine, tell me please why shouldn’t I expect to feel cherished from January 1st to December 31st ? Why not? So whenever you feel hurt or alone on a V day remember that it is just because some brilliant marketing gurus decided it. Once again we fall in the trap of mimicry and we have the choice to free ourselves from it.
If , indeed, you want to take advantage of all the delicious menus set out in all the restaurants of the world during that day, do it because you feel like it, you want to but not because you feel like you have to. And in the process of regaining my (and your ) mental freedom, I hereby declare every single day of the year, lovers’ day !Show him/her your love, tell him/her how much you care, give/expect a special treat, share, hug, kiss each others just ANY DAY. You may not agree with me but enough of the brainwash imposing on me which day I should show love and appreciation. My heart is far too big to accept that limit of a single day per annum. So instead of cursing your beloved because he didn’t « make » your V day memorable, remember all the moments of bliss spent together and still to be spent in the future.
Happy Love year.