Being neither a feminist nor an activist of any sort,however,  I have been touched in my flesh,by the many abuses endured by women in my country of adoption:Democratic Republic of Congo. Too much hate, abuse, rape, and torture of all sorts are comitted against women by so called freedom fighters. Living in Kinshasa, I was never confronted personnally to any case but in the light of the recent atrocious event in Walikale in the eastern part, I lost it completely. I was on a trip abroad when watching CNN I heard the news that day of last august.Over 200 women were raped by Militias. This time the whole world aknowledged the drama and nightmare taking place since 1997 in the Eastern Part of the DR Congo. As I got back in Kinshasa, I saw older women testifying how they have been raped by 5,6,7 or more men. Why? Facing all the pain and hurt women are going through during conflicts, I got hit by a simple question: how can I make a difference? it is happening just next door. I went further, read more and discovered that another region Katanga was the scenery of child abuse and could be sadly nomitated as the world capital of incest. I will not bore you with figures, graphs and statistics but my request here is : should we continue staying in our comfort zone without trying to make a difference? Or should we look around as responsible men and women and identify the abuses around us in order to contribute? Thus having had a very interesting debate with some of my sisters from Northern Nigeria, I found out about some terrible abuse made to women, girls andd children covered up in the name of culture. So once again dear readers , open your eyes and your ears, People in N.G.O’s are not crazy or senseless, they are just sensible men and women trying to give a meaning to their lives by making a difference. And they is nothing such as a small gesture. If people living in New York, London or Stockholm do make a difference by contributing to many causes in Africa, why cant we?


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