A Courageous Woman

To Bigue Diallo my grandmother I never met.

Once a friend of mine was describing someone as a courageous woman:  » she has buses and she is doing her business  » hmmmm is that so courageous! Everyday on my way to work I meet courageous mothers carrying a load of bread on their head with 2 small kids hanging by their sides. The lady selling a banana on a table or puff puff to feed her family. Those who dare walking miles to sell their fruits just to maintain their dignity.Not beggers. We certainly are courageous but how far could we walk if we had no chauffeur driven cars under the African heat? Yesterday, in my office, no electricity and the generator was down. All i could do is complain of the heat. Me courageous? Had to climb the 5 floors but gave my computer to someone to carry. More spoilt than strong we are for sure. Investigate in ur family background, remember ur Mum or Grandma. I know for a fact that my Grandmother was a business woman in the the 1940’s’and had a. Milk shop by the US embassy in Dakar. She was walking with her load and sell her Milk like a fulani warrior from dawn to dusk. She has had 3 husbands meaning she wouldn’t take BS « yeah I said it » from anyone! Yes I am proud of being the eldest granddaughter alive of this strong Courageous woman named Bigue Diallo and I carry her legcy everywhere I go. My grand mother had 6 kids from her 3 different husbands.And her daughters are strong determined mothers who raised us to face life realities.So to our grand mothers,Mothers, aunties who sell,walk,carry,cook,pound, in order to give their children education, I dedicate this post.Everytime you see yourself as a « courageous woman » look around you,there is a lady sitting by the roadside trying to sell a fruit,a cake,a bread to earn the few dollars needed to keep her head up.


2 réflexions sur « A Courageous Woman »

  1. To those courageous women I say..you are the example that all of us should had follow from the beginning. You are the education system that we should have been taught, you are the model that we should follow and pass on to other generation, you are the bravos women of all. It is about leaving a legacy and you are doing what it takes to leave that legacy proud and alive for generation and generation to come. And we the young generation will follow your lead and one day day be leaders of others who will do the same. Nabou keep on blogging and inspiring all of us. It is not quantity it is quality. Keep on leaving your blue print and we will follow the lead and one day continue on what you have started, which is to empower all women..Love you for what you do. Be bless

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