The taboo partners , relationships to avoid:

                   This is a tough one, for sure. I can see you smile while reading the title & thinking aloud WHAT THE F.? Being a teenager I remember my mother telling me  » Men will try to sleep with you regardless of who they are, you have the choice to say « NO » . I didn’t really get it then, until I came across some of my parents close friends who were hitting on me. It became clear that they had no respect for my parents or themselves & I started avoiding some of them without telling my Mum why. Love is beautiful , love is fearless , love makes you feel stronger. But obviously what I was running away from was lust.

 What differentiates us human from animals are the rules & boundaries set by the society. And no matter how free & open one can be, I believe in Taboo Men, those you should never have an affair or a relationship with. STOP the bullshit of  » I am in love », Unless you are ready to enter a self destructive circle & bear the consequences. So Life is not a soap opera & being addicted to one of them for the last Mmm let’s say 20 something years, really is an inspiration of what not to do. But these Taboos don’t apply only to women but also to men. So let’s browse & have a look:

Taboo 1: YOUR INLAWS  i.e. your sister’s husband or your brother’s wife (& we all know that bros & sisters means a lot of people in Africa). I would even push to say wife’s mum (yes Musa even if she is a Cougar ) or your Husband’s Dad (even if he is a Head of state ), stop sign is written all over their faces so don’t even try. And all affiliates to these latters are concerned so don’t pretend.LOOL.

Taboo 2: YOUR STEP relatives , there is Sister in steo-sister & there is brother in step-brother , as well as Mum & Dad in step-Mum & step-Dad so shift your fantasies away.

Taboo 3: YOUR MARRIED colleagues .Hell no! Unless single &   ready to commit. The world is full of men & women willing to have a one night stand so choose yours outside of your office, unless you want to experience a nightmare.. In this category  i also include teachers, students, etc. The world is big enough so save us the drama.

Taboo4: YOUR FRIENDS’ wife or husband. Lord don’t you have limits. No,no,no,no…No comment. Life is not a Soap Opera. It’s real & you shall reap what you sow.

Taboo 5: THE WICKED EX, he/she was wicked then, trust me people don’t change ovenight so move on  or cross the road. Don’t fall in that trap again just because you fee lonely.

Did I forget Anyone here? I am sure you must be thinking about the married man/woman but that you already know, so you don’t need a reminder. But it’s   »better »  ( dont get me wrong i dont advocate that) to deal with a random « married » person than with any of those falling in the Taboo list. So Ladies & Gentlemen you are not Brooke & Ridge so Behave yourselves.

Until next time. Xoxo.

copyright Naboulove 2010


And the winner is:…. the MAN

How many of us have been  (or are ) in unhealthy relaotionships knowingly? Me, you, her, Us… We are just so human, sensitive to sweet words, romance & filled with dreams of the prince charming. How many times did you expect to see a change in the situation where Mr Man will either leave the other woman (be it the mistress or the wife) or have the guts to be an official Polygamists (at least he is honest & true to himself). How long have you been waiting? How many nights did you cry? Until you realize that nothing is gonna change unless you change your expectations, your perception or you change MAN. Period. Somme dreams come true but sometimes not until you make the right move. So instead of bitsching on the other woman (women), take a close look at that MAN , you have been loving genuinely  hoping for a better tomorrow & take a decision. There are only 2 guilty people here: YOU & HIM. You because you have a choice. & Him because he doesn’t have the courage to choose. So give a break to the sister (you don’t even know her) , who is avictim like you & take charge of your life. Don’t be the fool who sends anonymous emails, or calls to throw your venom to an innocent woman. Be the Lady who either accepts the situation quietly (no bitching  allowed then, just live with it) or you walk away heads up knowing that there is a bright future ahead of you. And Mr Winner will shift to being the loser he really is.

I see so many women insulting & hating each other because of Losers who don’t deserve one /tenth of their love . So my call to my sisters is mind your own business or GO. No man is worth 2  women to hate each other, in the name of « LOVE ».

copyright  Naboulove 2010

Fourty & Fabulous…

 I never thought I would be feel so good, so fulfilled & soo happy at fourty . Even though I still have so much to do & learn . A special thank you to all my friends for their Love.  Enjoy each second of it & take care of your body, soul & spirit. Smile as much as you can, dance a lot , eat a lot of fruit & veggies. USE ANTI AGING CREAM… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, but remember the best cream ever is a positive mind & a lot of LOVE to give.