10 words to become a Sexpert.

You are pretty, elegant, trendy, classy, fashionable,smart, educated,well read, etC. etc. But if that will attract THE MAN, I can assure you that it won’t make him stay if you only count on your countless near to perfection qualities… To keep the spark alive you need more than your Chanel Bags , your Alphadi dress & your MBA. YOU NEED A SOLID SEXPERTISE. Yes as simple & basic as that. Don ‘t let him go look for excitement outside your bed, coz sister , you can do it. Remember when you were preparing that degree ? you were doing research on the topic right? Same here. I did a little (practical ) research & I summarized it in 10 words:

1-FREE . Yes Mrs Perfect freee yourself , ease your mind, feel FREE, in order to be receptive…

2-FEEL.Once you are loose, relaxed & FREE, your 5 senses are in a giving & receiving state of mind.Can you FEEL it?

3-TOUCH.Refine your caress by using your fingertips,the palm of your hand (just the palm), your nails (gently please), your lips, your tongue, your skin… Be Creative & touch him differently.. He is loving it.

4-TASTE. Don’t be afraid to taste his lips, skin,& any other part you want to try…Use your tongue as if you were licking an ice cream or sucking a lollypop.Apply to his ears ,his fingers,Kiss him everywhere you can think of …Innovate.Even your teeth used gently will create a thrilling experience.

5-SMELL.  Some scents are more attractive than others so exhale a perfume of sensuality , bath in a perfumed body soap, rub with a sexy oil, & bewitch him with a sensuous body odour. Remember, you are a delicacy to your lover, so drive him crazy even before he touches you with a sweet scent.

6-SHAKE. You are a not a piece of metal , so shake & rotate, move those hips . It’s a booty dance, right, left, up, down. Just Make it move. The arbic way , the african way, the Cuban style, The Jamaican rythm, Just MOVE it girl.But make sure you are in phase with your partner leading the dance.Be involved , You are a team.

7-SQUEEZE. Have you heard of Kegel exercises? No? Google it. Bing it. Yahoo it. But just do it. 50 a day will make it & learn how to tighten your pelvic muscles when he is inside of you, I garantee that he will worship you…

8-PLAY. Think outside of the box. There is a myth spread that African men like it classic. False. They are open to new things, even though they will pretend , so just do your thing & surprise him . Dont be shy. Try the chocolate dip, the candy G string, the blindfold, etc. Just introduce innovation one by one in the bedroom & turn him on…

9-LIGHT.No party in the total dark. Turn the lights on… may it be candle lights, or else no sex in the dark please. He loves to see you naked, moaning & enjoying yourself so LIGHTS ON girls…

10-TALK. Say it as it feels (only allowed when it’s good though), express yourself, tell him how much he is a good lover. Shout,scream ,let the joy be expressed…

Waiting for your feedback sisters. SO be naugnty…

7 réflexions sur « 10 words to become a Sexpert. »

  1. just in time!! i was looking forward to read of you!!! being naughty at home in the bed!!………………………….
    you’ve got it!!

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