One year later!!!

                             So much have been shared , said, developped , analyzed during the last 12 months & I have myself while searching , learned so much about love , life, myself & Africa. Realizing the depth of our culture, in regards to initiation, life changing experiences & the way they have been misinterpreted by the West. Yes we have a civilization & we had one long before the first explorer stepped his foot on Africa. Yes women had a strong role to play & still have but the introduction of  so called civilized customs tore apart many of our rights as keepers of traditions & secrets. I have discovered the strenght of Women secret societies  in various african countries , who struggle to survive until today. In spite of being called names such as witches, fetichists & else some women still keep alive their grandmothers teachings, & in Gabon I have always been impressed by the respect for the NDJEMBE of the Myènés women. I will develop more about these societies during the coming year in order to uncover the veil & clarify few things. I am not an anthropologist but a simple observer & student of life trying to penetrate some secrets & restore the name of my fellow African sisters. Yes women in africa had knowledge & power , but it got lost & melted through acculturation. Women in africa  knew secrets of healing herbs long time before phytotherapy. African women knew the protective power of Shea butter & Argan oil long time before you could find them at Boots or CVS pharmacy. African women have secrets on how to keep their men happy because they have been realistically confronted to polygamy since the ancient times. There are so many things to say in this matter & I will try to continue my search & share with you my discoveries.

Another thing I learned while doing this blog is cooperation, & I really appreciate all the input & insights from all my friends who generously shared their writings, opinions, ideas & poetry. Thanks again & may you continuously be blessed.

Thanks to the 44000 people who stopped by , & made a comment or not. You have encouraged me each day to continue in spite of my overbusy schedule . Take care & have a wonderful Naboulove year 2.


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