Nappy Hair & Black women self-love..

As I was at the hairdresser yesterday removing my bunch of fake-real-brazilian sewn in hair,& displayed my wooly afro to the Ladies in presence, nicely blow drying their relaxed ex-nappy hair, I was only getting attacked through one question: when are you going to relax your hair? & even worse the salon owner, told me straight in my face: « It’s time to relax your hair ». Before she even finished I jumped out of my chair, about to lose my temper & as I breathed in few seconds to get my self control, I heard myself reacting: »This is my head & my hair, I do as I feel & please with it ». She stepped back, stared at me mouth opened & stayed silent. She knew I was DAMN right even though I don’t live in a country as free as th  States, i still have my right to have natural hair. After having made a nice moroccan rhassoul mask mixed with cholesterol & essential oils , as advised by Akua Wood ( , feeling energized & natural, a friend of mine entered the hair salon & asked me the hated question staring at me as if i was an Alien from the Nappy Planet: « When are you going to relax your hair? », I sat still & answered :NEVER.

So that little story bugged me & i realized that what all these black women disliked about me was the fact that I was reflecting an image of who they really were , before the hair relaxing process. Not that I am condemning it, but I am claiming my right not to relax my hair.Is that a crime to remind my sisters their pre-relxing era afro? So why can’t we just learn to love ourselves without mimicking Paris H. or Barbie Blonde with her soft silky straight blond hair. I was wondering if I looked uglier with my Afro? So what? Do you judge me from the straightness of my hair? Why should I attack chemically my hair if I can weave them  or even wear a lace wig?

So believe me or not , I am proud of my nappy hair, who feels so soft & silky & not to please you, you & you, I will not relax my hair now. I can braid them, weave them, cornrow them, etc. And please if I remind you a part of yourself you wanted to forget about (the coarse , non relaxed hair), turn your head or close your eyes but Let me be .

One love.

Naboulove (copyright 2010)

4 réflexions sur « Nappy Hair & Black women self-love.. »

  1. This is sooo true, I hate it when people just assume that nappy hair is just impossible to deal with! Surtout au senegal dans les salons les femmes vous regardent comme si vous eetiez une extra terrestre.. sometimes j ai l impression qu elles sont jalouses parce qu elles n ont rien sur le caillou compare a notre touffe!

    Je suis voilee et les gens ont toujours ce « koumpeu » cette curiosite de savoir quel type de cheveu j ai sous mon foulard, surtout ces jalouses de femmes qui s imaginent que c est parce qu on a pas de beaux cheveux qu on se voile! Imaginez leur surprise quand par hasard elles vous surprennent en train de faire vos ablutions par exemple! They just can t believe that a black woman can have a natural soft nappy hair sans etre metisse!

    I love this blog, and I love my nappy hair!

  2. Ma grande encore une fois j’ai aimé!
    par contre dis moi pourrais tu donner quelques petits conseils pour l’entretien de facon naturel parce que moi depuis presqu’un an je ne defrise plus mes cheveux,je me tisse juste et fais des tresses mais comme au Mexique il n’y a pas de salons de coiffure pour femmes noires c’est pas facil!!des petits conseils de soin maison ca pourrait aider,…merci d’avance!
    grosses bises

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