Spice it up!™

Sexy goes far beyond the bedroom, in my country & in Africa, it starts with the food, whether you like it or not, as it may sound old fashioned & cliché. A large majority of men –Even Scandinavian ones- will find you hot & feminine when you trade your attaché case your with an apron. It is a fact that the contemporary fast life & multiple obligations you are entitled to as a “modern woman” don’t allow you that “free cooking” time. But please, don’t give up, organize your cooking time as you would organize your filing cabinet, & make the space. What I recommend is to establish a weekly routine of making a special dish for your man by yourself. And when I say “special” , I don’t mean complicated. In that case special= exotic & appealing.
Don’t be afraid to excite his taste buds with new spices, by inventing new flavors through creative combinations. A simple or traditional dish can be a whole different experience introducing another cooking oil (olive, sesame) or introduce a fresh grated ginger root etc. .
Explore the infinity & variety of various cuisine & revisit classic dishes such as a steak or barbecue chicken using different seasonings. Don’t hesitate to go to Indian, Chinese , arabic or African shops to buy new spices . Indian food stores have lovely premixed spices (garam masala) , chutneys , curries that are easy to use and will bring a different flavor to your simplest dish.
Chinese seasonings such as nuoc mam or soy sauce can add up a flavor to any soup or salad dressing. Buy premade chili paste & put it on the side , to heat it up.
Soul foud or Jamaican food offer a great range of sexy & spicy experiences. So do not hesitate & browse the internet for the yummy recipes of cajun seasonings or Jamaican oxtail . African food stores will provide you with « jumbo » or « maggi » cube , that you can easily grind with black pepper, onion, & garlic , French mustard, a little bit of oil & season your meat or chicken. Look for the easy & tasty recipe of Senegalese yassa. It’s a pure delight: chicken seasoned with mustard & lemon, cooked in a onion stew. Cook your rice with coconut milk or color it with saffron, or make it smoked turkey djollof rice – all you need is a small piece of smoked turkey, a bit of onions & tomato paste. You fry everything with a bit of maggi , for few minutes , then add to water to cook your rice .
Do not make dessert complicated, nicely cut exotic fruits , cut them nicely, sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon & serve them to your man. Buy readymade « Bissap » or « Ginger » juice or make it yourself. Hot Drinks: Ginger, or mint green tea (traditional Senegalese Ataya). Possibilities are endless, only you know what he likes the most to eat & can cook it differently to go for a culinary journey. The way you present your food is as important as the way your dish tastes , so choose a nice tablecloth ( a well ironed nice piece of cheap white , colored brocade or cotton),dispose a few unscented color candles , nice plates ( plain white makes a nice table), Don’t ever put a plastic bottle on your table, it’s a sin! Make your own fruit cocktails & mix them with his favorite drink. In short be adventurous in your kitchen & on your table. Serve him yourself, cherish him, and anticipate his smallest needs. Don’t hesitate to feed him even if it’s just a spoonful. This is all about caring & loving your man
as a woman, nothing to do with being stupid or fool. You are a woman so act like one. Don’t hesitate to buy books, visit food stores, or browse the internet but this year surprise him, take your time & Spice it up Naboulovers!!! He will look at you differently & will find you even more sexy than if you were walking with a sexy bethio , & binbin. Watch this space, I will put few recipes during the year to help you enhance your table.
Xoxo. Naboulove©.

7 réflexions sur « Spice it up!™ »

  1. j’adore. I LOVE your blog Nabou, and i love this post, merci pour tout ce que tu fais. Remain richly blessed. on attends les recettes avec impatience. bizu

  2. Being a sexy food lover (male) I took interest in your advice to BBQ. You know I believe that simply foods are truly sexy. A great piece of rump or rib eye on the bone… char grilled but beautifylly pink on the inside does it for me. a simple accomniment with potatoes baked in their jackets with some fresh herbs from the garden, and a good dolop of buttewr on the potatoe is simply superb… to be honest.. staert with some freshly shucked oysters and you have some really sexy food.

    Now I would really love to hear about some of your exotic spices to speic up that steak … I’,m looking forward to reading more on your blog…

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