Sexy New Year Resolutions…by NabouLove

It’s the new year so I thought of some sexy resolutions for the Naboulovers™..

1-Learn how to say I love you in new sexy languages: French “je t’aime”, Spanish “Te Quiero”, Italian “Ti Amo” . Or even African languages Mbife (Bambara) ,Na ku penda (Swahili), Na Lingui Yo (Lingala) Mi Yidima (Fulani).. And look at him straight in the eyes & tell him how much you love him.

2-Train yourself to a luscious African Belly /Booty Dance: Mapouka (Côte d’Ivoire), Ventilateur (Senegal), Mutuashi (Congo) or else and do it alone to develop your sensuality.

3-Be a Drianke to your Man. there is no shame in being a nice, caring & loving woman.

4-Don’t stay in a painful relationship, the only person you are hurting is yourself so move on! There is somebody out there for you, yes there is..

5-Take care of your body : massage, exercise, rub your skin generously with Shea Butter, Argan oil, bleach your teeth, loose or gain weight. Try a new exciting fragrance that will leave a trail everywhere you go.

6-Improve your style, be sexy, elegant & classy not vulgar. Remember too much sexy = Vulgar. A smile, the way you look at him, your eyes, the way you walk as well as your gesture are serious seduction tools. Use them..

7-Be open to your man’s need & do your best to fulfill them. Experience new dishes from other African countries, or change your way of seasoning your food. Spice it up with ginger, red pepper, muscade, cinnamon. Excite his taste…

8-Invest in Sexy accessories: erotic movies, erotic books, lace & lather…be hot in the bedroom. Don’t be ashamed to study, innovate & improve in bed…

9-Look at yourself naked in the mirror & repeat after me: “I am a sexy , hot, attractive , irresistible , charismatic & Confident Woman”. Smile & kiss yourself in the mirror. Wave at yourself & say loudly: Hello Beautiful « your name »…& blow a kiss . walk with confidence

10- Stick to these resolutions from Jan to December & KEEP ON reading Naboulove™ for more on African sexy secrets™.

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