Is the African man selfish…in bed?

 Our men do have a reputation for having been granted big tools . You want me to be more explicit? It would be Xrated. I think you all got the gist so stop pretending. So from that  » Legend » ,Black men got a reputation of being real stallions. But while having lunch with some friends few weeks ago, I overheard a conversation between 2 of my girlz seriously questioning that image given to Our Male. Their main concern was : What is the point of having a big one if you only use it for your own pleasure? I could sense rancor in the tone of B’s voice. And D. Emphasized : yes sure it’s only about them in bed. Straight to the point without any fantasy allowed, no cuddling or kissing , no preliminaries allowed, just the classic back & forth movement, in & out, until He enjoys himself. All about his own pleasure. Some started getting involved just to confirm that our brothers just pursue one main goal in bed: please their own selfish self. So
how to get them to fulfill their woman’s need without getting the answer of the horrified muslim man  » That same mouth who reads the Qoran? » . How to have our men be more generous towards in bed, without being tagged with a certain label?         

1-    Start by freeing yourselves ladies: men are naughtier than you think, sometimes they are just waiting for a go from you. So be crazy! Don’t be afraid, this man is yours so open up!                             

2-         Invest in X-rated accessories, it is not an Oyinbo thing , or only for toubabous. We sure have limits as Africans but be freaky with your man. Just the 2 of you can be freaky as long as you introduce a heating lubricant or a soft erotic movie progressively. An edible massage oil or a soft candle light, a G-string made of sweets , etc. Be creative but don’t bring it all at once, pr he might run away. Be smooth & gentle as you introduce ONE of these items, each time. Spice it Girl but don’t overdo it.   

3-        Send him a sexy story either by email or text message, describing one of your fantasies. Make it short, sexy & tasty. Make it erotic not crude & hardcore. & don’t ask him if he got it if he doesn’t talk to you about it. He will perform it live for sure.                       

4-       Talk to your aunts & grandmothers, in each African tribe there are secrets that elder women keep on how to drive men crazy. And sometimes mothers are too shy to share with their daughters. Do not be afraid to be traditional, our people have used it for centuries before Europeans came & attempted to  » civilize » us. You will be surprised how beads or some traditional herbal drinks, green tea, kola nut could have a magical effect on your man. 

5-      Love your body unconditionally, you are a voluptuous African Queen & feel good with it . I didn’t say you should stuff yourself but believe me , in bed our men love flesh & curves. but as always well maintained & firmed curves are the trend so be sexy & fit Cleopatra!                                   

6-      Talk to him, tell him how you want it but subtly, sofly & clearly. Does it Sound impossible? I know you can. Hold his hand & direct it gently. Kiss him with passion. Open your heart & tell him what your fantasies are .remind him that he is your fantasy, the man in your sex dreams. Tell him about dreams you made of the two of you. Whether they are real dreams or daydreams. Express yourself , before u complain about him not giving you the smooth touch before getting there. 

7-       Touch him gently! Don’t be afraid just rub the palm of your hands all over him, Taste his skin, smell his body odor closely , look at him in the eyes, talk to him in his ears, experience the 5 senses feel on him , & let him reverse it to you. How does that feel? Better! Right? When you are generous, you receive a lot … So give..                                     

8-      Moan, groan, whistle, shout, tell him how its good when he tries that new thing u have been longing for years. Let him know it turns you on, you will certainly get more of it. Try & tell me.   

9-      Don’t be shy about anything, you are already naked right? Then what else is there to hide? Uncover the veil of fake dignity & sex him up…                         

10-  Do 1 to 9 & enjoy a more open & giving man, shaped by you.just be, feel & act crazy, coz love has no boundaries.               


tHAT was Naboulove …

5 réflexions sur « Is the African man selfish…in bed? »

  1. Well I have to say, being with my Nigerian PRINCE is amazing. He does not have a huge tool, but boy can that man use what he got. He is never selfish in bed and although we take turns pleasuring each other, and yes, some nights is all about him or all about me, it makes lovemaking even more pleasurable. We each try to bring something new to the bedroom, but we do not over indulge in things every time, as we want to enjoy our intimacy and not need a « motive ».
    He is very creative at foreplay and I feel I am very blessed. I love his touch, his scent, the taste of his skin on my tongue, and I text him during the day while he is at work, just to tell him sexy things like this. Believe me ladies.. this has given rise to hot steamy uncontrolled sex more than once as I walked through the front door from work.
    Dont be afraid to show him that you are in love with him alone! That he is your king. They do like their big Prince egos stroked (along with other things). wink wink

  2. I think Black men are just out for their own pleasure….point blank. Ive tried kissing, cuddling, even freaky stuff. Its their makeup. Im with a black man who doesnt even kiss me during sex! Ive only been with one black man who has kissed and been passionate. The others were equally selfish. Why do you all think Black men have a higher rate of Aids and Prostate Cancer? Cause they are selfish sex addicts thats why!

  3. There are many ways to turn that question around..

    When you have a hard on, you don’t think with the head, maybe another head.

    That’s call for quality time, to raise issues, been the kids if you have them, any subject.

    What makes a man / woman happy?

    Men can be selfish but I think they are ready to learn.

    Having women raising the issue not with their partner is not the magical cure.

    In Africa, in Asia, they are proved technics to enhance the act on itself.

    It’s a shared time,

    Lol, Gbu

    J-L K

  4. Surely, it is always a right saying, try before complaining, most women are shy to show their men what they want…

  5. « … The Same Mouth That Will Kiss My Babies GoodNite?!!!…. ». ( laughing)

    Beautiful Insight, I Am Sure Most Of The Sisters Will Not Be Left Cold By Your Persuasive Advice.

    As For Us; We Just Gonna Sit Back And Watch How Far Their Imagination Will Go And How Much It Will Entice Us In Being Less Borring.

    Scarry, But Exciting!

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