Sexy New Year Resolutions…by NabouLove

It’s the new year so I thought of some sexy resolutions for the Naboulovers™..

1-Learn how to say I love you in new sexy languages: French “je t’aime”, Spanish “Te Quiero”, Italian “Ti Amo” . Or even African languages Mbife (Bambara) ,Na ku penda (Swahili), Na Lingui Yo (Lingala) Mi Yidima (Fulani).. And look at him straight in the eyes & tell him how much you love him.

2-Train yourself to a luscious African Belly /Booty Dance: Mapouka (Côte d’Ivoire), Ventilateur (Senegal), Mutuashi (Congo) or else and do it alone to develop your sensuality.

3-Be a Drianke to your Man. there is no shame in being a nice, caring & loving woman.

4-Don’t stay in a painful relationship, the only person you are hurting is yourself so move on! There is somebody out there for you, yes there is..

5-Take care of your body : massage, exercise, rub your skin generously with Shea Butter, Argan oil, bleach your teeth, loose or gain weight. Try a new exciting fragrance that will leave a trail everywhere you go.

6-Improve your style, be sexy, elegant & classy not vulgar. Remember too much sexy = Vulgar. A smile, the way you look at him, your eyes, the way you walk as well as your gesture are serious seduction tools. Use them..

7-Be open to your man’s need & do your best to fulfill them. Experience new dishes from other African countries, or change your way of seasoning your food. Spice it up with ginger, red pepper, muscade, cinnamon. Excite his taste…

8-Invest in Sexy accessories: erotic movies, erotic books, lace & lather…be hot in the bedroom. Don’t be ashamed to study, innovate & improve in bed…

9-Look at yourself naked in the mirror & repeat after me: “I am a sexy , hot, attractive , irresistible , charismatic & Confident Woman”. Smile & kiss yourself in the mirror. Wave at yourself & say loudly: Hello Beautiful « your name »…& blow a kiss . walk with confidence

10- Stick to these resolutions from Jan to December & KEEP ON reading Naboulove™ for more on African sexy secrets™.

Is the African man selfish…in bed?

 Our men do have a reputation for having been granted big tools . You want me to be more explicit? It would be Xrated. I think you all got the gist so stop pretending. So from that  » Legend » ,Black men got a reputation of being real stallions. But while having lunch with some friends few weeks ago, I overheard a conversation between 2 of my girlz seriously questioning that image given to Our Male. Their main concern was : What is the point of having a big one if you only use it for your own pleasure? I could sense rancor in the tone of B’s voice. And D. Emphasized : yes sure it’s only about them in bed. Straight to the point without any fantasy allowed, no cuddling or kissing , no preliminaries allowed, just the classic back & forth movement, in & out, until He enjoys himself. All about his own pleasure. Some started getting involved just to confirm that our brothers just pursue one main goal in bed: please their own selfish self. So
how to get them to fulfill their woman’s need without getting the answer of the horrified muslim man  » That same mouth who reads the Qoran? » . How to have our men be more generous towards in bed, without being tagged with a certain label?         

1-    Start by freeing yourselves ladies: men are naughtier than you think, sometimes they are just waiting for a go from you. So be crazy! Don’t be afraid, this man is yours so open up!                             

2-         Invest in X-rated accessories, it is not an Oyinbo thing , or only for toubabous. We sure have limits as Africans but be freaky with your man. Just the 2 of you can be freaky as long as you introduce a heating lubricant or a soft erotic movie progressively. An edible massage oil or a soft candle light, a G-string made of sweets , etc. Be creative but don’t bring it all at once, pr he might run away. Be smooth & gentle as you introduce ONE of these items, each time. Spice it Girl but don’t overdo it.   

3-        Send him a sexy story either by email or text message, describing one of your fantasies. Make it short, sexy & tasty. Make it erotic not crude & hardcore. & don’t ask him if he got it if he doesn’t talk to you about it. He will perform it live for sure.                       

4-       Talk to your aunts & grandmothers, in each African tribe there are secrets that elder women keep on how to drive men crazy. And sometimes mothers are too shy to share with their daughters. Do not be afraid to be traditional, our people have used it for centuries before Europeans came & attempted to  » civilize » us. You will be surprised how beads or some traditional herbal drinks, green tea, kola nut could have a magical effect on your man. 

5-      Love your body unconditionally, you are a voluptuous African Queen & feel good with it . I didn’t say you should stuff yourself but believe me , in bed our men love flesh & curves. but as always well maintained & firmed curves are the trend so be sexy & fit Cleopatra!                                   

6-      Talk to him, tell him how you want it but subtly, sofly & clearly. Does it Sound impossible? I know you can. Hold his hand & direct it gently. Kiss him with passion. Open your heart & tell him what your fantasies are .remind him that he is your fantasy, the man in your sex dreams. Tell him about dreams you made of the two of you. Whether they are real dreams or daydreams. Express yourself , before u complain about him not giving you the smooth touch before getting there. 

7-       Touch him gently! Don’t be afraid just rub the palm of your hands all over him, Taste his skin, smell his body odor closely , look at him in the eyes, talk to him in his ears, experience the 5 senses feel on him , & let him reverse it to you. How does that feel? Better! Right? When you are generous, you receive a lot … So give..                                     

8-      Moan, groan, whistle, shout, tell him how its good when he tries that new thing u have been longing for years. Let him know it turns you on, you will certainly get more of it. Try & tell me.   

9-      Don’t be shy about anything, you are already naked right? Then what else is there to hide? Uncover the veil of fake dignity & sex him up…                         

10-  Do 1 to 9 & enjoy a more open & giving man, shaped by you.just be, feel & act crazy, coz love has no boundaries.               


tHAT was Naboulove …

S.Africa’s polygamous Zuma weds for fifth time

by Rajesh Jantilal Rajesh Jantilal – Mon Jan 4, 11:22 am ET

NKANDLA, South Africa (AFP) – Wearing leopard skins and carrying a Zulu shield, South Africa’s polygamous President Jacob Zuma on Monday married for the fifth time, in a traditional ceremony in his remote hometown.

The 67-year-old and his new bride Thobeka Madiba, 30 years his junior, danced in an open field at his homestead in Nkandla, a village deep in the countryside of KwaZulu-Natal province.

The two formally wed when a tribal elder asked Madiba if she accepted to join the Zuma family. When she agreed, he pronounced her Zuma’s third current wife.

His first wife, Sizakele Khumalo, whom he married in 1973, attended the ceremony. His second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma was at the homestead preparing for the reception in a massive tent, where guests will celebrate through the night.

One of Zuma’s earlier wives committed suicide in 2000, while in 1998 he divorced Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who remains in his inner circle and is currently South Africa’s home affairs minister.

The guests included South Africa’s political and business elite, including Mandla Mandela, a grandson of the nation’s first black president Nelson Mandela.

Local celebrities and music stars like Yvonne Chaka Chaka also attended the ceremony under overcast skies, with a gentle drizzle seen as a sign of blessing in African culture.

Several sheep, goats and cows have already been slaughtered for the feast to follow.

After initially declaring the ceremony would be private, it was finally opened to the public under heavy police presence. Local villagers, many dressed in animal skins and African cloth, trekked through muddy trails to attend.

Madiba, who reportedly already has three children with Zuma, attended the president’s inauguration in May, where she was treated as one of the country’s three first ladies.

Since then, she has attended official functions and is referred to in the media as Thobeka Madiba-Zuma.

Even while preparations for this wedding were underway, Zuma is reportedly preparing for his sixth marriage.

Earlier this week, a gift-giving ceremony was held signalling that he had paid the traditional dowry known as ilobolo for his latest fiancee, Bongi Ngema.

Zuma has also been linked to a Swazi princess, but has given no clear indication that he plans to wed her.

Polygamy is legally recognised in South Africa, but is mostly practised in rural areas of the country.

The practice came under the spotlight before the 2009 presidential elections, when Zuma’s polygamous lifestyle became a topic of discussion, especially among women’s rights activists.

Media and political analysts also debated the issue, but their attention focused mainly on logistical matters such as security arrangements and medical costs for treating his large family.

Usually Zuma brings only one wife to state functions or on overseas trips.

His first wife Khumalo was given the place of honour at his inauguration in May, given higher prestige than Madiba or his other wife, Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma, whom he married in 2008 in a lavish ceremony.

Zuma and Khumalo have no children together and she still lives in Nkandla, generally preferring to avoid the public spotlight and rarely attending official functions.

He is reportedly father to at least 18 children.

Le président sud-africain Jacob Zuma prend une troisième épouse

NKANDLA (AFP) – 04.01.2010 15:25

AFP – Rajesh Jantilal

Le président sud-africain Jacob Zuma a célébré lundi, à 67 ans, son cinquième mariage lors d’une fête traditionnelle dans son village natal, devenant ainsi l’époux de trois femmes après un divorce et un veuvage.

La cérémonie d' »udendwe », qui correspond en zoulou à la présentation de la fiancée aux anciens et aux esprits des ancêtres, a eu lieu à l’écart des médias dans son fief de Nkandla, au coeur de la province du KwaZulu Natal (est).

Elle a conclu un processus entamé il y a plus de deux ans, quand Jacob Zuma avait payé la lobola (dot) pour obtenir la main de Tobeka Madiba, une femme de trente ans sa cadette avec laquelle il a trois enfants.

L’élite économique et politique du pays avait été invitée à leurs noces tout comme des centaines d’habitants des environs, qui arboraient les tenues traditionnelles de perles colorées, peaux de bêtes, boucliers ou knobkerries (massues).

Depuis le paiement de la lobola, Tobeka Madiba était considérée comme une compagne officielle du chef de l’Etat. A ce titre, elle avait assisté en mai à la prestation de serment du nouveau président de l’Afrique du Sud.

Elle se tenait alors aux côtés des deux autres femmes du président: la discrète Sizakele Khumalo, que Zuma connaît depuis 50 ans et qu’il a épousée en 1973, et Nompumelelo Ntuli, 35 ans, son épouse depuis deux ans.

Depuis six mois, les trois « Premières Dames » aux formes généreuses accompagnent tour à tour le président lors des visites et des cérémonies officielles.

Jacob Zuma a également été marié à l’ancienne ministre des Affaires étrangères, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, jusqu’à leur divorce en 1998. Le couple reste en bons termes et le président l’a nommée ministre de l’Intérieur de son gouvernement.

Le chef de l’Etat est veuf de Kate Mantsho-Zuma, qui s’est s’est suicidée en 2000.

En Afrique du Sud, deux systèmes légaux se superposent: le droit commun ne permet qu’un mariage et interdit la polygamie. Mais le droit coutumier permet de prendre plusieurs épouses.

« De nombreux hommes politiques ont des maîtresses et des enfants qu’ils dissimulent en prétendant être monogame. Je préfère être honnête. J’aime mes femmes et je suis fier de mes enfants », a un jour déclaré Zuma, qui reconnaît au moins 18 enfants.

Il se préparerait, selon les médias locaux, à un sixième mariage. Le Sunday Times rapportait dimanche que Jacob Zuma a participé la semaine dernière à une cérémonie d’umbondo (échange de cadeaux) avec les parents de sa dernière fiancée, Bongi Ngema.

Sa polygamie affichée avait suscité un débat lors de la campagne électorale, certains taxant Zuma de machisme et de conservatisme social.

Il s’était mis à dos les associations féministes du pays en 2006 lors de son procès pour le viol d’une jeune séropositive, accusation dont il a été blanchi. A la barre, il avait reconnu un rapport non protégé avec la plaignante, mais avait assuré qu’elle l’avait provoqué avec ses vêtements légers. Il avait aussi déclaré s’être douché pour se « laver » du virus.

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