My computer broke up with me & it hurts!!!

I came back from a lovely Xmas spent with my sisters & my sons in Brazzaville, when I was fighting with my computer , my laptop for the last 2/3 years & out of a shaky movement it fell on the floor. I turned it off, & on , it wouldn’t work , my sweetheart came , while we were chatting, all I could tink of was my Laptop , & when asked me what was wrong , i replied with a low depressed voice  » My computer doesn’t start… » , my eyes full of tears… Oh My God, I went to take my notebook, pulled out my internetodem out of my regular laptop & sufed with my little travel computer. Still depressed. I woke up at 5h30 am, tried to turn my computer back on with not much success, called my Assistant @7 am to make sure the computer guy will come fix my problem. I ended up calling the computer Guy a little after 7 am, , it’s almost 12 noon in Kinshasa & he still didn’t show. I have even thought of not paying him as today is pay day, even though is a contractor to my company. I am in pain , when I THINk of all the files stocked in my dear beloved laptop, not saying my pictures, my writings etc… But I keep faith, as I believe in Miracle & unlike men My computer has a memory, that hopefully, I will be able to retrieve, & I am even hopeful that within few das I will get it back , healthy & loving , we wished it was the same in classic love relationships. Anyhow, I am really sad & depressed since that happened last night, realising that in our modern world our love & affection for our phones, computers & other electronic items can create a real heartbreak in case of failure. Please, pray for me..And I wish you a beautifu Year ahead..

Une réflexion sur « My computer broke up with me & it hurts!!! »

  1. Dear Nabou,

    Happy New Year!!!
    Very best wishes for 2010!
    I am sure you will find a solution to retrieve your docs… I understand your feelings though…
    My advice is to buy a hard drive and save all your data regularly! (which i don’t do as regularly as i wish!)
    Best of luck

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