What the hell is going on in America? Didn’t they know a man was breathing & alive under the Tiger’s skin .A man, simply human, with his flaws & weaknesses. The hero because of whom I bought golf shoes back in 1997 is made of flesh & blood, with animal instinct. Let’s also remember he is tremendously rich & good looking which makes him a target for cheap & easy women. Ya all know what I mean by cheap. Women with a price tag , ready to be used as long as you pay the price.
SO WHAT’S THE FUSS REALLY? What if America had discovered he had a regular hidden mistress who had children from him? What would be the reactions? Would he still be qualified as a sex addict, or struck by chronically infidelities, a pervert, a fake, etc…
Hey America he is just a man. I admit that his modus operandi is quite shocking: one night stands or quick intense sex with Bimbo’s type women, who according to me really look alike, I can’t distinguish one from the other. One thing I noted is that they are the physical opposite of his very classy elegant blonde wife who looks so much like a GOOD GIRL. He chose them quite trashy, using them just for sex.
So, My question to puritans & hypocrites in American: What is the percentage of faithful married men in your country regardless of race, color , background or social status? Please bring out the figures & then we will criticize Tiger. What I am saying here is nobody’s perfect , the man should have protected his family , & avoid being caught, coz in my belief men that are not cheating in the statistics are those that do it the smart way & don’t get caught. As an African woman , I am not that shocked by the whole story, coz I belong to a society where men have several wives & this is regardless of their religion so don’t serve me the Muslim thingy. It is an African way of life & even an American one –you remember the Mormons in UTAH- Ok thanks for not pointing only at Africans. I don’t excuse TIGER, he could have been more careful & respectful towards his wife but I don’t see the relationship between his private life & his sponsors. HELLO!!!! Are the CEOs of those big sponsors are perfect males. So TIGER if you were in Dakar, Lagos , Libreville or Kinshasa , no one would have cared about those talkative bimbos looking for their 15minutes of fame, even if it means destroying your Home. Please Keep it in your pant for a while, if you can or move to Motherland.
I really enjoyed reading Reuben Abati making a very interesting analysis from an African Male point of view. Anyway Tiger you committed yourself to a Scandinavian woman in America so you have to behave yourself & think about the beautiful children you have there. I would have defended you if you were trying to get a second wife or as Al Sharpton said you were keeping the money in the community , but all I got to say now my dear TIGER is BEHAVE coz next time around they will just Lynch you for real.
P.S.: I don’t advocate cheating, but I am realistic , just don’t let me find out you are cheating on me. Keep the dream alive.

Une réflexion sur « WHAT IF TIGER WOODS WAS AFRICAN ? »

  1. Nabou I agree with you wholeheartedly and more. His biggest crime was getting caught as so many men do it and get away with it often till their deaths.
    However to my mind the person he has hurt the most is himself. He has to have damaged his relationship with God to go with such plastic looking women and not have felt any of the damage he was storing up for himself. They were all accidents waiting to happen, weeping and crying and ruining a family on an international stage for what really amounts to peanuts.
    If I was his wife I would take a long hard look at our relationship, privately and separately because I would want to know why he felt the need to go with all these women and why I was not enough. For some men one woman is never enough and a wife may have to accept that as a lot of African women do or leave quietly and with dignity so as not to fall into the category of the aforementioned trashy women.
    If I felt I could live with it, it would be my business and no one else’s. I would want to him make peace with himself and God first. He may have committed a grave sin if he believes in God but he has not committed a crime. So why all the public flogging.
    To my mind the Americans have wider agenda because this never was and never should be a hanging offence!

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