The price of beauty

Nowadays if you don’t like your nose , your boobs or any other part of your body, you can pay to improve their looks & get a plastic surgey. But in the case of Solange Magnano, it ended up costing her the highest price: her life. Her story moved me a lot as she was about my age & also the mother of twins’ aged 7. Also like millions of women throughout the world, she wanted a perfect body at all cost. She will not see her kids grow to become young adults then women, as she died while having a surgery for buttocks implants. It may sound sarcastic but it is even more of a drama when you know that Solange was a Miss Argentina Universe in 1994, & she still looked perfectly beautiful to me. BUT. She just didn’t feel comfortable with herself. If I had 1/5th of her body i would certainly be grateful . Even though, in South America to look good means to have a perfect body is a MUST. And in recent years I have come across more & more African women who go through lipo , nose jobs or boob jobs in order to get the look of their dreams. More & more clinic open in Dakar & Abidjan catering such needs & even Kinshasa has its IVO PITANGUI who did few of my friends boobs as well as practised few lipos . When I see the pain they all went through, I get extra motivations to stick to my exercise & protein diet routine. Even though I can understand the deep moral relief it does bring to some. As a matter of fact, a new nose can be a life changing experience & I have seen a friend of mine shift into a new woman after she had the breast she always wanted. My sisters, I don’t want to sound cliché but European & African standards of beauty are not the same & Fortunately most of us won’t have to go for buttocks implants. In case you judge it necessary to have a surgery, remember that so many less invasive techniques are available now to sculpt your dream shape & many of them don’t require an anesthesia so make some research & talk to friends who may recommend a good, safe & experienced plastic surgeon. Beware, there are so many butchers out there. Accidents do happen in all case but make sure that the change you are about to make is worth the pain. Remember Late First Lady Stella Obansanjo died whilst going through a plastic surgery procedure. Check if you are not allergic to some substances & inform yourself as much as you can. Otherwise consider some slimming clinic like Buchinger in Marbella, & make exercising one of your 2010 resolutions. Look in the mirror & smile at yourself because you are Beautiful.
One Love. ©Naboulove.

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  1. Le drame que vivent les femmes après les chirurgies râtées sont graves . Dieu seul sait le nombre d’horreurs cachées sous les habits !……….

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