The tale of my hair gone nappy…

After years of relaxing, coloring, breading, weaving & extending my persecuted black hair, i made a vow on that day of Dec 2008:  » I shall not relax my hair for few years » how many years? asked my mum, I just couldn’t answer, ignored the question & decided to respect that early year 2009 resolution. Oh My what a journey it has been. I learned that this phase is called transitioning. Waouh. From chemically processed hair to baby virgin hair? Anyway , the only way i found to look sexy enogh while doing it , was ….. « Braiding » then « weaving » my hair. Yes honestly , i only feel confident & sexy with my Brazilian bunch of bought hair flowing around my face but that doesn’t stop me from proudly claiming to whoever i meet  » I stopped relaxing my hair! ». Some look at me like i lost my head by wanting to loose my hair’s ability to be straightened; others woyld grin doubtfully & there is another category who encourage me but still remind me that  » Are you going to carry an afro » ironically. Anyway, i stuck to my choice, alternatively breading & weaving my hair, progressively cutting all the relaxed ends & now 10 months later, I must admit that I am quite happy with the result. My hair feels so soft & silky, unlike what we have always thought of our nappy wool. And I feel so proud of myself even though i still carry my sexy weaves, waiting for the day my Afro grows so that i can spot it along with my stilish designer lol outfits. So whoever wants to try & take the step forward, you won’t regret it. I feel so Ecological & Green since then , & I know that next year-InshAllah- I will face more Hair Challenges as millions of black women around the world. So sisterz I just accepted that BLACK HAIR IS…NATURAL & INDEED BEAUTIFUL.


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  1. congrats on taking the natural hair journey. I transitioned to natural hair about 3 years ago. What I did was I wore kinky twists with hair added for a few months while I transitioned and I wore cornrows and as the new hair grew in, i cut off the relaxed ends now it’s been almost 4 years and LOVE my natural hair. It’s afro-textured hair and it’s so beautiful, it’s not brillo-pad or tough like our hair is stereotyped as, it’s very soft and versatile. I am still learning how to care for it, it does take time, but my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.

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