Monday, November 3, 2008 at 12:45am

After centuries of slavery,deportation,colonization,segregation and marginalization, the day is close … REMEMBER Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, their fights,their sacrifices in the name of humanity…YES Humanity , i dont agree with equality coz its a fact but they have to be respected as human beings full stop..these last 20 years have witnessed turmoils but also positive changes not to mention one the greatest event in the overall black history (@ large in my understanding), that Day when Xolilala Nelson Mandela was set free of Robben Island…AS a witness of history i cried, conscious that a strong signal was sent to the world. And Now in D- 2 Barack Obama is running for Presidency…do i support because he is black? NOT only but mostly because he is brilliant and i think that he can make a difference and revive the fading American Dream, tarnished with years of unjustified and disorganized occupations costing lives of us soldiers. So All this to say the humiliation of segregation was not in vain and hoping for a better future with a reduced economical segregation.I remember my friend living in Buckhead always taken for a nannx coz she was black whereas she was the owner of her house in a rich white only area and am talking about our time…So even if we cant vote,our prayers,positive vibes and blessings go to Senator Obama.we are all Americans in our heart because of the pride we feel about u…that means 2moro a Jewish, an Arab, a Latino ,a native indian or an Asian can lead the fate of the US OF A…And then the dream of all those whose names are registered in Ellis Island is about to come true: the materialization of the AMERICAN DREAM through the Victory of Barack Obama..INSHALLAH!

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