Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 10:17pm

First i want to thank the diet support team for their comments and ideas!!! Am on the right track! I will fit into my favorite jeans in few days!!! Ok thats not the purpose of this note! Am sick and tired of people telling me age is a number coz when i was 18 or 20, I Could go to Keur Samba till 7 am on friday nights’ and then take my school bag from Maimouna and run to an exam. IT was then…
If I Go to bed after 3 am ,it takes 3 days to my body to recover,it is now.
In those days Acne was my problem,now i have a flawless skin but every morning and evening Estée Lauder guides my life. Advanced Night, eye, perfectionist,idealist, hydracomplete,etcetera,etcetera…HOW THAT SEPHORA Lady loves me. Strivectine, Perricone,Shisheido,Orlane,la Prairie; I Tried them all… Do they work maybe coz people tell me « âge is a number »! Liars!
My souvenirs of the guys dancing Jimmy Gill…am sure my sister Fatima 18 doesnt know him… The Clarence & Charles Jourdan shops where we use to buy our shoes were closed years ago! Hell! For me NY was the twin towers… LADUREE has become a chain of tea rooms,and Champs Elysées was so was then so dont tell me age is just a number!!! Love ya all! When i was 20, i didnt need to diet…

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