Friday, November 7, 2008 at 10:52pm
It has been one of the most exciting night of my life, i remembered that day of 1989 when Berlin wall was destroyed and i was crying but i was witnessing european history! But this 4th of November 2008 around 3 pm kinshasa time, we were witnessing our own history, a man of talent,eloquent and intelligent has been elected 44th President of the USA. And that man happened to be an african american.Yes he has been chosen for his competencies without any regard for his colour! All the skeptics got a shock and the world felt the rise of a new order,a »new deal », I just remembered Goree Island Slave house and ElMINA fort & Castle, i saw Kounta Kinte chained and taken by force to America,i thought about all my west indian brothers, the Afro latinos and all our ancestors forced out of Africa to work as slaves…and I cried,cried,cried ,tears of joy,tears of hope, tears of faith, tears of relief! I thought about Diallo shot for the colour of his skin, i thought about all the sacrificed generations kept in ignorance.denied access to education bcoz they had the wrong skin colour…and once again tears were rolling down my cheeks, tears with the sweet taste of Victory, victory over racism.And to my friends Maha who is Arab-American, Olivia who is taiwanese- american, Christophe who is burundese-american,my sons who are also us citizens i am just saying that our dream became reality! And that from 2day some barriers fell in American showing a great example to the world.Yes we can.


Monday, November 3, 2008 at 12:45am

After centuries of slavery,deportation,colonization,segregation and marginalization, the day is close … REMEMBER Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, their fights,their sacrifices in the name of humanity…YES Humanity , i dont agree with equality coz its a fact but they have to be respected as human beings full stop..these last 20 years have witnessed turmoils but also positive changes not to mention one the greatest event in the overall black history (@ large in my understanding), that Day when Xolilala Nelson Mandela was set free of Robben Island…AS a witness of history i cried, conscious that a strong signal was sent to the world. And Now in D- 2 Barack Obama is running for Presidency…do i support because he is black? NOT only but mostly because he is brilliant and i think that he can make a difference and revive the fading American Dream, tarnished with years of unjustified and disorganized occupations costing lives of us soldiers. So All this to say the humiliation of segregation was not in vain and hoping for a better future with a reduced economical segregation.I remember my friend living in Buckhead always taken for a nannx coz she was black whereas she was the owner of her house in a rich white only area and am talking about our time…So even if we cant vote,our prayers,positive vibes and blessings go to Senator Obama.we are all Americans in our heart because of the pride we feel about u…that means 2moro a Jewish, an Arab, a Latino ,a native indian or an Asian can lead the fate of the US OF A…And then the dream of all those whose names are registered in Ellis Island is about to come true: the materialization of the AMERICAN DREAM through the Victory of Barack Obama..INSHALLAH!


Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 10:56pm

Who am i? Where do i come from? Coming from a certain family where used to count much more than money, i was raised keeping in mind the stories of my forefathers, always being remembered that wherever life takes me , i am who i am , the granddaughter of x and a descent of the last Kings of Senegal. A mixed heritage that i have been carrying proudly wherever the wind pushed me.. I was raised with old fashioned values that were supposedly in application in Senegal but my Mum didnt realize that whatever values were on in the early 70’s, they were no more really in in the 90’s with the shifts in our society where greed had replaced customs and values..But am soo grateful to have been taught old fashioned values they are worth billions to me and they have helped me evolve in various countries and cultures with a tolerant eye. Digesting and adapt those that attracted me and learning from the great school of life day after day.. Alex Haley researching his roots opened the door to a whole world to African Americans: yes they had a great great great Grand father named Kounta kinté, and they came from a proud nation.Many of our brothers in thd US undergo DNA test to identify their tribe of origin: fulani? Yoruba? Bantu? Always thd same question?: where do i come from ? What is the history of my family? I know some of u might think that its a useless knowledge but for me who has never really lived in the country where i was born , i really thank my Mum who has been giving me inside information on my family History, who made sure i would go to my village every time i step my foot in Senegal to greet my father’s mum.. And when my Mum’s father was alive, i made sure i was spending as much time as i could with him to learn about my Roots. Did that help me a lot to build my character?? I guess so! Cause knowing who u are and where u comd from will help u trace ur path and have a clearer vision on where u want to go.., or so i think. And each country i have been to, eacb person with his/her specificity, past, history has been a great school and study ground on my Life on going MBA degree.. And i am realizing that soooo many of us in spite of all the european influences are holding on to our roots no matter where we live and it is our strenght to walk through life with pride and dignity. As i said earlier this week my village is Goumbe Guéoul in Senegal but i have a village of heary in each country where i hv made brothers and sisters of heart. And this wealth is my heritage to my children. My heritage lives in me and will continue to live trough my children even if being Americans, they could become President of the USA but always reaffirm with pride like Barack Hussein Obama that his father is Luo from Kenya.tomorrow will tell. We grew from our roots and a tree separated from his roots wil fall and die…….


Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 10:17pm

First i want to thank the diet support team for their comments and ideas!!! Am on the right track! I will fit into my favorite jeans in few days!!! Ok thats not the purpose of this note! Am sick and tired of people telling me age is a number coz when i was 18 or 20, I Could go to Keur Samba till 7 am on friday nights’ and then take my school bag from Maimouna and run to an exam. IT was then…
If I Go to bed after 3 am ,it takes 3 days to my body to recover,it is now.
In those days Acne was my problem,now i have a flawless skin but every morning and evening Estée Lauder guides my life. Advanced Night, eye, perfectionist,idealist, hydracomplete,etcetera,etcetera…HOW THAT SEPHORA Lady loves me. Strivectine, Perricone,Shisheido,Orlane,la Prairie; I Tried them all… Do they work maybe coz people tell me « âge is a number »! Liars!
My souvenirs of the guys dancing Jimmy Gill…am sure my sister Fatima 18 doesnt know him… The Clarence & Charles Jourdan shops where we use to buy our shoes were closed years ago! Hell! For me NY was the twin towers… LADUREE has become a chain of tea rooms,and Champs Elysées was so exclusive..it was then so dont tell me age is just a number!!! Love ya all! When i was 20, i didnt need to diet…

Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen by John Freeman AP

Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen

By JOSEPH FREEMAN, Associated Press Writer Joseph Freeman, Associated Press Writer – Mon Oct 5, 12:05 pm ET

CAIRO – Conservative Egyptian lawmakers have called for a ban on imports of a Chinese-made kit meant to help women fake their virginity and one scholar has even called for the « exile » of anyone who imports or uses it.

The Artificial Virginity Hymen kit, distributed by the Chinese company Gigimo, costs about $30. It is intended to help newly married women fool their husbands into believing they are virgins — culturally important in a conservative Middle East where sex before marriage is considered by many to be illicit. The product leaks a blood-like substance when inserted and broken.

Gigimo advertises shipping to every Arab country. But the company did not answer e-mails and phone calls seeking comment on whether it had orders from Egypt or other parts of the Middle East.

The fracas started when a reporter from Radio Netherlands broadcast an Arabic translation of the Chinese advertisement of the product. That set off fears of conservative parliament members that Egyptian women might start ordering the kits.

Sheik Sayed Askar, a member of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood who is on the parliamentary committee on religious affairs, said the kit will make it easier for Egyptian women to give in to temptation. He demanded the government take responsibility for fighting the product to uphold Egyptian and Arab values.

« It will be a mark of shame on the ruling party if it allowed this product to enter the market, » he said in a notice posted on the Brotherhood’s parliament Web site on Sept. 15.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest political opposition group, holds 88 of Egypt’s 454 parliament seats.

Prominent Egyptian religious scholar Abdel Moati Bayoumi said anyone who imports the artificial hymen should be punished.

« This product encourages illicit sexual relations. Islamic culture forbids these relations except within the confines of marriage, » Bayoumi said. « I think this should absolutely not be allowed to be exported because it brings more harm than benefits. Whoever does it (imports it) should be punished. »

In a country and a region where pre-marital sex is so taboo it can even lead to a woman’s murder, the debate over the virginity-faking kit has revived Egypt’s constant struggle to reconcile modern mores with more traditional beliefs — namely, that a woman is not a virgin unless she bleeds after the first time.

« Bleeding is not the only signal that yes, she’s a virgin, » said Heba Kotb, an observant Muslim woman who hosts a sex talk show on TV in which she fields calls from all over the Middle East.

Kotb noted that a medical procedure that reattaches a broken hymen by stitching is illegal in Egypt and can cost hundreds of dollars — prohibitively expensive for the poor. But many women still secretly seek it out in fear of punishment for pre-marital sex.

Such punishment could include slayings at the hands of relatives, a practice more commonly referred to as honor killings and common in the more conservative tribal areas of the Middle East.

The product is also causing a buzz on Egyptian blogs and news sites.

« If this thing enters Egypt, the country is going to go to waste. God protect us, » commented a reader on the Web site of Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabie.

Marwa Rakha, an author and blogger who writes about dating issues, sees the product as a tool of empowerment for women in a macho Arab culture that restricts women’s sexual urges but turns a blind eye to men gallivanting.

« It sticks it in the face of every male hypocrite, » she said.