AminaAmina delivers some secrets of Northern Nigeria’s women  to enhance their sexuality & please their men! Enjoy!

           I speak from a northern perspective, and will cut across parts of the north where these traditions are practiced. Even those who do not have them as part of their traditions are borrowing it and becoming masters of   the game.         In Northern Nigeria, what is mainly used in spicing sexual, romantic, and intimate relationships are herbs and perfumes.The herbs are called « kayan mata » ( for women) and « kayan maza » (for men). It has nothing to do with age, so long as you are married and or sexually active as you find that even our fathers and mothers still rely on those things to enhance their performances and relationships…

I remember last year I stumbled unto some of them in my auntie’s bedroom -she is in her mid 60’s- and when I asked her what it was, she said it was traditional mosquito repellant!!!(lol) I had no idea she was still sexually active at that age talk more of using stimulants to enhance her performance and keep her husband tied to her waist.

The products used are 100% herbal and are produced strictly by older women, in most cases because of what it does to the man, they would never sell it to a woman who is not married( and believe me they can tell 99% of the times) for fear of what it will do to another woman’s husband.

In places like Sokoto State, Kebbi State, Gusau, Katsina where it is practiced with so much relish and almost like a religion, the best gift your mother in law can give you when you are brought into her son’s house as a wife are these « kayan mata » it shows a great deal on how much she loves you, and most times when you don’t get it from her as a new bride it is believed you are not liked by her.

Husbands buy it openly for their spouses and in most cases when there is a new rave in town these old women call the men first rather than the women who would haggle in price for they are sure to make more profits from them.

Before a lady gets married time is taken off which can be as little as 2 weeks or as much as 6 months to prepare her down below for her husband.

She is made to drink liquids, insert some, eat some in food, meat and wash down below with some each one of them has its rules and it may not be that easy but the end justifies the means.

The ones for insertion are meant to tighten the vaginal walls and muscles some are so effective that when a woman wants to get married to man she has not had sex with and she is a virgin, she can use them and the man will swear with his life he was the one who disvirgined her.

Whichever one you use, be sure to be highly lubricated or else you will be left with bruises & will have to nurse it for a while   (on top of that a man  will not let it heal because he can’t stand being away from that place).

The liquid ones you drink are meant to do the job from inside, they work with your hormones to increase sensitivity and thereby making you very very very wet, and warm down there (just the way it feels when u are ovulating- that warmth and increased moistness) at the same time depending on which one would make u extremely hypersexual and untiring, u can go for long long hours having sex and orgasms..The man feels the same way too.

The ones for washing are used in tightening, disinfecting the area to get rid of all unwanted impurities, infections, vaginal odors and discharge, thereby causing an act of cunnilingus to be highly enjoyable by the husband it also leaves long lasting fragrances around the vagina..

The perfumes are used on either the body as body perfumes or used to steam the vagina, they are applied on local clay incense burners and you cover yourself with a cloth while you let the fragrance envelope every part of your body, with special attention to the vagina. This also tightens, deodorizes, and increases sensuality in the woman which the husband will enjoy when they meet..

The ones you eat are used in special foods like meat, cow milk (yoghourt or nono), or eaten alone.

There is one which is made from a young female chicken that has not started laying eggs, it is cooked in these herbs ,leaves and oils and it is believed that it will turn your sexuality to be fresh, vibrant, and active as that of a young chicken. This is used mostly on brides.No bride goes without this particular chicken « kayan mata » concoction.


Then, there is the more sophisticated high end one which is recommended after you have been married, or intend to keep a particular man. This is not a daily dosage, depending on the demand for its effectiveness, it can be used either bi-annually or annually. It is called « gindin ayu » this is made from a particular water animal which is extremely difficult to find and very expensively sold when caught  because of its multiple benefits. The « ayu » is a particular animal found in water which is very hard to describe, it is not a fish and only found in fresh waters. It has very peculiar mating habits in the sense that when it comes in contact with a female, it stays glued to her vagina for weeks and sometimes even months to no end, and when they finally let go of each other he will seek no other female but her..alas! what is prepared from that « gindin ayu » does the same thing to your spouse. He/she will find no other partner as sexually appealing, sweet, and gratifying as  you. The effect can result to extreme possessiveness, high sexual and physical contacts which cannot be satisfied by any other person except you. You have to be really sure you want to do this and are married before you will be given it. Even in loss of a spouse the other partner finds it difficult to move on sexually because  of this « gindin ayu ».

          Another one is the one made with pigeons, as when you look at pigeons they are always in pairs and most times when one is away from the other either through separation or death, the other one dies also as he/she can’t leave without the other partner. This is used to increase friendship bond, physical closeness, and contact between you and your spouse.


The Shuwa Arab women from Maiduguri are masters in the art of making  perfumes. Like the Senegalese, Malians, Indians, northern Africans and Arabians, they believe in the power of nice scents.

No matter how poor a woman is, her home and body is never without fragrance. Each perfume represents different stages of intimacy in your home. The man feels at ease, welcomed, pure and attracted to you and your home with the smell of those presumes. Depending on your buoyancy, you have perfumes for each special occasion, and time of the day, these fragrances are used non- stop during the day and especially at the time when the man is expected back home. It clears the head, brings calmness, spikes up your romantic nerves, and gives a feeling of warmth and love to the home and the woman. It draws her man close to her as wherever he goes, he cannot wait to go back to that sweet smelling fragrance.

The women even use it in their hair,no part of their bodies and homes goes without perfumes.

Little girls grow with these traditions and the male look up to having that special experience with their wives when married.

Hope you have a nice day!

7 réflexions sur « KEEPING THE MAN by AMINA »

    1. loooooooooooooooool nothing to do with it…food & plants have an effect on our physiology, herbalism is an ancestral science practiced throughout the world & it is just the same thing.

  1. A friend of mine (4rm maiduguri) also told me kunu aya takn by a woman also makes her husband enjoy her. Is it true?

  2. nope aisosa,it is not a joke alot of them buy it for their women who know little or nothing about it.Infact,in kebbi sokoto, when a man marries a woman and he sleeps with her and doesnt find her exciting,he takes her back to her family without shame and tells them to do up the place for her,he can decide to come back after like 2weeks,or 1month for her

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