The Fruit Basket by NabouLove

The Fruit Basket


When I receive friends at my place, I usually make nice (or so I think) flower arrangement, for the beauty of the flowers, as well as a fruit baskets to decorate my buffet, just for the beauty of the shapes & colors. Flowers will please our eyes and if we are lucky they will diffuse a nice discreet scent around. To make a beautiful fruit basket, just for display I choose the nicer looking fruit –flawless & with bright color- …

Hum where is she heading to ?

               Fruits are vital to our health, they provide a certain amount of vitamin, depending of course on the fruit you choose, a banana will be full of potassium, whereas an orange symbolizes vitamin C, etc. When I choose a fruit for display , I don’t really pay attention on whether it is edible or not but when you decide to pick a fruit to munch , you pick it according to 1-your taste; 2-its color, ,3-its smell to check whether its not rotten; 4-You touch to check whether its ripe ; 5- you make your final choice clean the fruit & bite it, ; 6- your taste buds make the final judgment… So if u feel like juicy fruit Mangoes& pineapple are perfect or peach & strawberry, the choice is unlimited.

You still don’t get me right?  

                      Where I am getting to is the community & circle in which we evolve is like a fruit market, you can choose people from their appearance if you want to be seen with beautiful, well dressed but sooo superficial friends. They might bore you in the end (unless you are close) or some can nicely surprise you by being supportive, sharing, caring, & deep sensible human being.  So bite in the fruit before claiming its edibility.

Some fruits seem rotten on the outside when in fact they are a real delight for our taste buds as well as a rich source of vitamins and nutrients .So go beyond the shape, the color & even try to go beyond your usual taste and you might discover a whole new world of possibilities through people.

©NabouLove June 2009

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