Does Size Matter??? By Pamela Stitch

Does Size Matter??? By Pamela Stitch

I remember having an intimate discussion with a friend of mine about size and he was of the strongest belief that size matters to women and since he was below average, he felt insecure about exploring his sexuality. He felt that women will laugh at him when it came down to that moment. I have to admit that wasn’t the first time that I have come across this issue. Afterall, many jokes, sites exists that makes the myth size seem like a reality. As another friend of mine states,”if you ask the average African woman about size, she will say the bigger the better”. I thought it was time to investigate this idea a little bit closely.

For many men, the idea of size is one which fills them with insecurity as they believe that size actually does matter in making women sexually satisfied. Many industries have taken note of this insecurity and created answers to this dissatisfaction – we see these answers in the drugs that exists as well as the option of penis enlargement surgery which some men have chosen to undergo. But, I have often wondered -”does size really matter when it comes down to satisfying a woman”. What part of this fear is actually real and what part is actually paranoia?

I came across some interesting facts about penis size. According to the website,, ” a comprehensive worldwide study of more than 40 independent penis size research projects, undertaken since 1942, has come up with a general penis size guideline. With over 11,000 participants, the survey puts the average erect size of the adult penis between 5.5 inches(14cm ) and 6.2inches(15.7cm) in length and 4.7 inches(11.9cm) and 5.1 inches(13cm) in girth”. So if the average size is about 5.5 inches(14cm), and most men fall in this range then what is the source of this dissatisfaction? This study also went ahead to look at the idea of perception and how that factors in with their dissatisfaction. The study asked ” more than 50,000 heterosexual men and women how they rated their own size or the size of their partner. They found that 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penile size, but only 55% of men were satisfied”. Hmm, now this gets more interesting. So basically, men were the one’s putting this issue on themselves rather than women as we are led to believe. If it is safe to hazard a guess, I will say that this sense of insecurity comes from men paying way too much attention to their size and comparing their size to the porn stars that they watch too frequently from porn movies.

So men, get over yourself. Focus on other parts of your body. Stop loving your ‘member’ too much. Focus on learning how to please a woman because a woman will invite you back for second bite, if you a) know what your doing b) make sure she is satisfied in bed c)you know her erogenous zones. I will end by saying, size does NOT matter rather what matters is the motion of the ocean. You dig?

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©Pamela Stitch

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  1. Thanks for this Pam
    Always thought am average but no one evr complained…so am cool. And good in motion!

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