The Joys of oral sex (a black woman’s perspective…) by Geri C

A little piece about oral sex , i hope you learn from it !!!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have issues with giving oral sex. I have never understood why because it is suppose to stimulate both parties. If it isn’t and you feel like your doing the dish then there is something definitely missing. First off you can’t make someone love oral sex. They have to want to love it. I have a passion for it. It is an art form to me. The best oral sex is when you have a passion for it. I hate the term blow job for the simple fact that it should never feel like a job when done correctly. I hear a lot of ladies say, “I don’t like to give oral sex to my man. It makes me gag.” I always tell them to find away to enjoy for the sake of there relationship because if they don’t someone else gladly will take it on.

So I’m going to provide you with a few tips to eases your dislike of oral sex and keep your man happy.

First off don’t accept anything. What I mean by this is if you take your man penis out and it smells like last months milk then tell him he needs to handle that. A man should keep the area clean and trim. The last thing you need is a mouth full of pubic hair in your teeth. You set the limits. Trust me if you walked around with a wolf pus he would tell you it’s time for a waxing. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind because men are more than willing to do anything to make your journey down south as comfortable as possible.

Secondly and most importantly there has to be a connection between you and the penis. I know you probably think I’m out of my mind but pay attention. You have to have a strong sexual connect with his penis. The stronger the connection with his penis the better pleasure you can provide him. Here are some examples:

1. Feel on the head of his penis.
2. Rub the shaft gently.
3. Stare at it like it was your very last meal.
4. It should feel like everything to you.

It may sound funny but believe me it makes a difference. Men can tell when you’re not into it which is a major turn off.

The next step would be to engage with the penis physically. Now I’ve talk to a lot of men and a majority can not stand when women give them the bobble head (up and down motions only). There is so much more involvement. There is your lips, tongue, saliva, hand/s, the roof of your mouth, throat (for more experienced women), and your special effects. The uses of your lips are very necessary. They are like a pillow. Men hate when you hurt there penis with your teeth. Teeth shouldn’t be in the picture unless your man likes a little nibbling which normal. Your tongue is one of the main factors in giving oral sex. It can be use to lick the shaft and the head of the penis. You can throw in some of your special effect even! Saliva is key. The more you can work up the better. Don’t be afraid to get saliva all over him. They like that. You heard the saying, “The more the merrier”. Using the roof of your mouth is nice because it has the riffles up there to massage the head of the penis. We all know the throat is used for deep-throating. If this makes you gag don’t attempt it but if it doesn’t take it all in.

It is important to enjoy yourself and just let go. If you can do that you will have a lot more fun while doing it. Don’t be afraid to experiment on him every once and awhile. You experiment may feel like something brand new to him. Please don’t get stuck in a rut. Keeping the sex between you and your partner is important because you don’t want them to stray off and experiment with someone else.

From your number one sex columnist
Geri C.

9 réflexions sur « The Joys of oral sex (a black woman’s perspective…) by Geri C »

  1. Wow…nys lecture, keys noted but Y only lecturing d ladies…wat abt d men, is their job jst 2 lie down n enjy d oral sex without doin notin in return?

  2. Thanks for the instructive article. But 2 important points are missing:
    A) What to do when he ejaculates during oral sex?
    B) How he should give oral sex to a woman?

  3. As an African, whatever takes place behind closed doors has to stay there.
    That said, I am for compromise, if my lady does not like it. We will raise the topic in a place where no urgent needs are.
    I also think that to be clean is paramount.
    If the subject can be more elaborated and includes 69…
    Take care

    1. LOOL Jean Louis , ok i was asked by one of Naboulove’s reader to elaborate more on How to give oral sex to a lady … Will get back to you guyz later.

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